Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Stuffisis

Well its that time of year again where most of us are thinkin about how much food we can/will stuff down our throats ::insert raised brow:: I know im goin to my mama’s house wit my own togo containers lol..but lets disect the word for a minute shall we??? Ok..great

1. the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, esp. to God.

2. an expression of thanks, esp. to God.

3. a public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness.

4. a day set apart for giving thanks to God.

Well with the definition of the word posted lemme take a min and state some of the things that im truly thankful for…I thank God for:
1. Health/Strength

2. Family (mainly my mother) for setting a wonderful example for me growing up. Even tho we’ve had our hard times (extremely hard..ill post on those later) we’ve managed to save our relationship and now she’s like my best friend and I can talk to her about absolutely anything.

3. Friends who are like my family. Anyone who knows me knows that I keep my friend circle small and I don’t use the term “friend” loosely. My friends have been there for me n good times and bad. Although we piss each other off at times we always come back and remember our friendship.

4. A Job..even tho I hate it at times and dread getting up and goin to work, I know I’m making a difference in some child’s life….and hell it pays the bills lol

5. My HOUSE…Lord knows wut I went thru to get in this place..and my friends can tell u that it wasn’t easy..and hell its still not east now..but I know God didn’t bring me this far to leave me.

6. My sense of self…used to have a low self-esteem issue (and at times it still resurfaces) but I am more confident in myself. I’ve learned that if I set my mind to it 9 times outta 10 I will achieve it.

7. Food…not just for eating..but to allow my creative nature to come to fruition….not sayin that im some culinary master but I gets it in n the kitchen…and cooking allows me to provide my friends/family with a loving meal.

8. Liquor..i know ya’ll r like “Really Twin??? Liquor?!?!” yeah im thankful for alcohol….oh well..moving on lol

9. Im thankful for finishing grad school..and the opportunity to start a business (more info coming soon)

10. Im thankful that I know all of my problems whether they be financial, emotional, economical or wuteva…will be taken care of.

This is just a mini list of the many blessings that I’m thankful for….anything ya’ll wanna mention??

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Friday

Friday was pretty cool..hit Fridays wit Fuzzy and Scooter and had a grand ol time lol…for those who don’t know bout this one Fridays in West Orange…lemme tell u…u need to hit that spot up for their late nite happy hour..not only is the food good but they use actual liquor n their drinks!!!! Now I know some of ya’ll are like “Now Twin actual liquor??? Really?!?!? Wut else would they use?” Well lemme answer that question for u…at the Fridays we usually go to the drinks aren’t strong at all and I swear they use imitation liquor or essence of alcohol or some other crap like that cuz all that happens at that place is a tab being rung up wit no intoxication…WTF?!?!?!

But the one in West Orange is a whoolllleee different story…Fuzzy and I experienced the effect of this fridays before on a random Friday nite, but this was Scooter’s first time….well 5 LIT’s later we were n there actin a damn fool..jus laughin and enjoyin each other’s company….and of course checkin out all the eye candy that was there (pssssstttttt come here..u aint hear this from me but that Fridays is a filled wit DL dudes wit their dates…a lot of topics for conversation..but u aint hear it from me..if anybody asks Fuzzy told u)

After stumbling outta Fridays we ventured over to another friends house cuz she was having a small gathering and I said I would try to stop thru..well after closing out Fridays we ended up over there at about 1:30ish. Got there and the music was goin but there was no liquor flowing…don’t u jus luv when folks host something but have nothing to offer (mental note…save that topic for a later post lol)…I know it was BYOB but damn u couldn’t have a cheap bottle of vodka or something…seriously?!?!?! I mean we 3 walked n the door and it was like “Heyyyyyy please tell me u brought a bottle” Well hello to u too damn lol. Between the 3 of us we had 2 bottles but only brought in one cuz my tipsy ass forgot my bottle n the car and wasn’t tryin to walk down all them steps, fumble around wit Scooter’s keys, search for the bottle, close the door, lock the car, and all that other u can have a

Well needless to say I didn’t last long at the house…I had been up and goin non-stop since 6:15 that morning and it was about 3:00 when I passed out on that couch…I was told I missed some good convo but oh well…I was good and tipsy and tired…baby nite nite

Woke up and went home..and that was the end of a good Friday for me lol……

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Friday!!!!

Happy Friday,

Hey blog fam…its finally Friday and I couldn’t wait for it to get here…the past week have been kinda busy for me and Im jus looking forward to not having to do anything for the next couple of days. I had a couple meetings this week cuz I’m n the process of learning how to start a business cuz in today’s time who doesn’t need a part-time hustle… right?!?!?!? So far I’ve been listenin to a bunch of cd’s and hearing different speakers and tryin to learn as much about it as possible so I can be profitable thru it…oh joy lol.

As I looked thru my house this morn as Im walkin out the door I noticed that I need to clean…uggghhh…I swear sometimes it feels like there’s more than just one person living don’t get me wrong its not dirty by anymeans..its jus cluttered wit school papers, lesson plans, mail, worksheets, and a bunch of other rah rah rah..soon as I get n today im putting a hurt on that house..turn on that good music and change clothes and put n some work.

I recently had a talk with a good friend that I felt was losing a connection with….felt like he was purposely doing things without an invitation or intentionally jus being phony..well turns out that wasn’t the case but I still had to talk to him bout it..cuz if I hadn’t I would blew the hell up at any given drunken moment lol. My friends r like my fam..we gonna fight, we gonna get on each other’s nerves, but at the end of the day we’re there for each other…with/without an invitation

Im sittin here at 2:08 pm in a extra class they stuck me wit last week tryin to focus and not fall asleep wit these kids looking at me lol…ive taken the gym kids that couldn’t participate and brought them to the art room…they got something to write and ive been doin this post…aww shit the bell rang…gotta run..anybody doin anything fun/interesting this weekend???? Lemme know ill b bored lol
(OK OK OK I know its sunday now but i didnt get a chance to post on friday lol)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey Hey Hey

Wassup blogworld…I know its been a min..and ive been sayin I was gonna get back to my blog but yall know how things can get at times lol….and I blame Twitter for part of it lol….Well im not gonna make this a long post…ya know I gotta save some things for later posts lol.

Well I jus wanna say that God is good in case yall didn’t of July 30, 2009 I officially became a home owner!!!! It’s a 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom, finished basement, deck, fireplace and other rah rah rah lol. It was a bit touch and go there for a while and it looked like I wasn’t gonna get it but when it’s meant to be it will be. For those that remember my first search for a home didn’t go to well and I prayed on it then and trusted God to allow things to fall into place for when the time was right…and although there were times when I wanted to cry, scream, break things etc. it was made official when I signed the dotted line…Gotta say thanx to everyone who helped me make the move cuz lawdy knows I had a house worth of crap n that apt lol.

My job…ughhhh…yeah ill get to that in another post lol..but lets jus say they moved me to another building working with a different level of kids..yeah..wasn’t too thrilled bout that lol.

This past sat I had my pre birthday party and I honestly had a damn blast…thanx to everyone that came out Promiscious X, Fuzzy ShawnQT Kalisha, Elisha, my Twin, Cuban boy, Steven, Scooter, Torree, Willie, Greg , and a bunch of other folks…I think there was anywhere between 25-40 people there lol...if i forgot to shout u out charge it to my head and not my heart...And yall know I cooked my entire ass off for that party lol..made 2 pans of potato salad, 2 pans of mac and cheese, 3 pans of Brandy Honey BBQ strips, 2 pans of sautéed veggies, about 7 gallons of Get Rite Juice (and trust me it will get u rite lol) there were deviled eggs, and a bangin ass cake..i didn’t make those tho lol. Well I had a great time until the next morning when I realized that someone had made off wit my digital cam and my boy’s 2 cell phones…I mean really we come into someones house and take trashy, tacky, and uncalled for..fuckin niggas I tell ya ::takes breath and sips wine:: ok im calm now..a lil..but like I said had a good time other than the theft and havin to clean up after the drunken boy who decided to mix Henny and vodka..once again..who does that?!?!? And then wonder y they cant remember shit the next day lol…I wish I could show yall the pics but….

Antyway…I jus wanted to give yall a quick update as to some of the things that have been goin on…so now I will pour myself another glass of wine and prepare for midnite which officially marks my bday..10/28 people…gotta luv a scorpio rite lol…Ill try to update this thang more frequently..but if u wanna know wut the hell im doin or goin thru follow me on twitter…Twin_vision…until the next time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sometimes I Wanna Black...

Hey blog world,

Sometimes I wonder if people could really take it if I truly went the hell off...I mean I usually say wuts on my mind, to a certain extent anyway, but I usually tone things down a bit. I'm the type that tries to say wut I mean and mean wut I say but at the same time I don't wanna come across too harsh, abrassive, or down right evil..cuz trust me I can be that way a times. So I try to dillute my actual thoughts to come across as civil but at the same time make a point.

In doing all of this dilluting and watering down, sometimes I feel like the tru meaning of my message may get lost and the acutal "fury" that I wanna get across jus doesn't. And where does that leave me????? most likely back at square one. Guess I'm trying to spare people's feelings.

Cuz I feel if I truly jus exploded like I want to, and trust me I've been fightin the urge to do it, I might loose some friends, my job, family members, and probably some other things. But friends are supposed to be there and accept wut u have to say regardless right??? But I don't think that would be the case...cuz like I said, if I truly went the hell off and told people about themselves, or what I actually thought about the way they handled their affairs, or how they've wronged me, or bout their empty or broken promises, or about being let down, or about their bitchassness (thought I would never use that word lol), or their lies, or whatever else it may be, I think I would come across as that EVIL, MALICIOUS, BLACK-HEARTED SCORPIO....but ummm maybe that's wut I need to do (jus a thought).

Maybe its the luv I have for these people that keeps me from goin off and havin a Madea moment
...hmmm jus a thought..wut do yall think???

Monday, May 18, 2009

Over the weekend...

Hey blogworld,

Hope everyone had a good time over the weekend and is ready to tackle another work week..ugghhhh lol...well I had a pretty decent and busy weekend...

I was told earlier last week not to make any plans for fri nite..ummm ok sure..come to find out my friends put together a lil nite out to celebrate my graduation since I was outta town for the official graduation...THANX GUYS!!!!! Well needless to say I was shocked and happy bout everything....well we went to the city to eat at Caliente Cab in the village, which is someplace that I've been wanting to go to for a while but never actually made it I was souped as hell bout eathin there...wish someone woulda told us the drinks were between $14-$16 each but they were good

the place had no damn light..we were usin candles and cell phones to read the menus lol

yeah the drinks were good..wut can i say lol

yeah the drinks were settin in lol

So after dinner we hit a club and we danced the damn nite away but my genius ass left the cam in the car feet were killin me by the end of the night lol...on sat i hit up a friend's housewarming and had a good time..didn't know Taboo could get so intense..had the people livin downstairs bangin on the ceilin cuz we were making too much noise lol.

Sun went to Fuzzy's housewarmin....awww im iz b so proud of him and stuffisis....him iz gettin his grown man on...damn that chicken was good..u did ur thing fuzz buzz..and once again I found out how serious Taboo can get..especially when ur drinkin lol...well anyway my weekend was good...i needed it...once again jus wanted THANX to the crew for a great fri...hope everyone enjoyed their weekend

Friday, May 15, 2009

Before and After..and still in progress lol

Hey blogworld..hope everything is good wit everyone...I'm still tryin to maintain over here..if it aint one thing it's another u know??? Had a minor break down not too long ago but i think im back to normal (well wuteva normal is for me lol) Now don't start call the people to take me to the place where they give u those hug urself jackets cuz i didn't have a break down and go crazy was jus one of those times when that positive, happy go lucky, im good, la la la mask cracks and reality sets in for a was like I was jus not happy for a bunch of different hunt, professional life, love life, gym life, bills, car...dammit it was hittin hard...ahhh well thas life at times rite??? Jus wanted to pop on and say wassup...oh yeah check out the pics..i was like daaammmnnn lol

Heres my college graduation pic from 2005...y didn't anyone tell me to put down the fork lol

And here's my grad pic from 2009

Is there a big difference???? Im still workin on it though..until next time..stay up..oh yeah if u haven't done it yet follow me on