Saturday, April 25, 2009

I jus had to

Ok so I jus saw this like 2.5 sec ago and I had to share it wit yall..i was a lil tipsy watchin this..ok im a lil tipsy now lol..but i hope yall get a kick outta this like i did

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Had To Laugh!!!!!

I had to share this wit yall....So earlier today I was in one of my high school classes and I was giving them a break since I've been working them like fugitive slaves tryin to buy their freedom and two of my students came to me and said they had somethin to show me

Student 1: U tell him

Student 2: No u do it

Me: Hellurrrr...wut iz yall b talkin bout

Student 1: Ummm...We were thinkin about who u reminded us of the other day

Me: Oh really the other day...hmmmm....and who is it

Student 2: U can't be madd at us but I think your gonna laugh anyway

Me: (enter church hum)

Student 2: U not gonna be madd

Student 1: Jus show him

Me: Wont yall jus hurry up and sat down so I can finish wut I'm doing

Student 2: Ok (pulls out phone)

Student 1: This is who it is...remember u can't be madd

Me: (holds breath to stop from laughin in their faces) Ok

Why did these fools show me this video on a cell phone.....

I laughed sooooo hard cuz this isn't the first time I've heard this....the other day a parent heard me goin off on a student and she said thas wut these kids need...some discipline and guidance..u jus like mouth hit the floor then and my ass hit the floow this time cuz i lauged myself out the damn chair...gotta luv the kids lol

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey Hey Hey...

Wassup people…jus wanted to come and check in wit yall for a brief min while I have the time. I know its been a while since a post from sorry lol...The past few weeks my life has become usual right lol. Its like I damn near don't have time to jus sit back and reflect at times ugghhh lol Well….work has been..ummm..hmmm…yeaaaahhhhh work ::sigh:: well work is work..administration is still the biggest pain n my ass ever created in the history of education….im telling yall they do some of the dumbest things…like putting the school on lockdown for two days because of some graffiti that was on the wall….mind u it wasn’t the first time this has happened but for some unknown reason they thought a lockdown would make things right…yeaahhhh no

Speakin of administration, Im n my last class for grad school. If ive never mentioned it before im working on my MA in Education Administration and im in the final stretch. Im currently in the 6th week of the 8 week internship so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank God I’ve been able to survive and maintain damn near a 4.0..don’t know how I did it cuz there were sometimes I wanted to bash my head against the wall lol. But thanx to the Lawd, Momma, and the Crew I managed to pull it thru. Like I said im doin my internship now and I guess administration at my school forgot that I was still a teacher cuz they keep piling more and more stuff on me to do. I know I have to get a certain number of professional development administrative hours but daaaaammmm…how the hell am I supposed to do the job of 3 other people in addition to teaching a crazy ass schedule?!?!?!? Oh well imma do the damn thing lol.

So in another couple of weeks I will be traveling out to Arizona (and no I don’t attend University of Phoenix lol) wit moms to graduate…not really excited about it though cuz who really wants to travel across the country wit ur mom…damn wish I had a boo for times like these lol…oh well ::sigh:: But I know yall thinking “Damn Twin, y don’t u wanna go for graduation?” Well..lemme tell ya….its gonna b hot as hell in Arizona and graduation is long as hell…its not like moms is gonna go clubbin wit me after we may hit a few bars or something but thas bout it for me and moms lol…oh well Im really jus goin out there for her..cuz she wants to see her son graduate wit his second degree….Im soooo takin pics and I plan on bein drunk during the ceremony…imma have me a flask of Get Rite Juice lol….did I mention that it’s a Christian school lol..yeah didn’t find that out till I was like 4 classes in.

Hope all is well wit yall..jus wanted to check in wit everybody and let yall know im still alive lol..ill b postin more once life gets back to normal…hopefully lol.