Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blessing Or Curse


Love - Keisha cole

I was talking with a friend the other day and the topic of love came up. In our discussion this comment was made….”Love is like 2 edged sword. It can be the source of great joy, yet the source of great pain. Think bout it love songs can make u happy or sad dependin on your experience.

This got me to thinking..and yall know how much of that I do lol…there’s so much truth in that comment. Love is truly something that has caused me to feel like im on cloud 9 and above but it has also caused me to feel like im cloud 0 is so far above me. Love has caused me to smile to myself..feel like life is good and it can’t get no betta. It’s caused me to lose sleep, not eat, cry and rock myself for comfort…im talking bout that cryin when ur eyes and nose are leakin, lips quivering, wantin ur mommy type of cry lol
…shut up..yall know u’ve been there before lol…but I know if it wasn’t for the bad experiences wit love I wouldn’t know how to appreciate it

Love is something that we all desire but are we truly ready for it? Love is something that grows and develops over should get deeper and more meaningful as time progresses. I’ve had that type of love before…when my every thought is on that other person…when I jus wanna b wit them…when the conversation is so easy and caring is second nature….the long talks, the helping hand, the little things that mean so much….when u and that other person jus wanna be there for each other in everyway possible…when u jus wanna shout out that u love whoever it is…and they feel the same way bout u as u do for them

I miss that

So my fellow bloggers…wut do u think? Is love a blessing, a curse, or a lil of both? Does the bad make u appreciate the good? Are you ready for everything that comes along with it?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nothin really...jus an update

Wassup people…feels like its been a min since I wrote anything on here but hey..sometimes its like that lol….there really hasn’t been anything new happening on my end so im jus gonna give yall a few updates/thoughts that have been goin on.

Well im STILL stuck in jury duty..ugghhh…but it’s getting a lil able to stay awake a lil longer everytime lol..but trust and believe the sandman still comes and visits me during the long drawn out rah rah rah that goes on…but hey its almost over..jus gotta last for a few more wed. and fri. till mach 6th…that not too far from now right??? Right??? Will somebody agree wit me..hell lie for that matter lol

Work’s actually getting a lil better..haven’t had to cuss anybody out (other than a couple students). My troll of a principal actually asked me to be the tech coordinator for the new school next year in addition to teachin Spanish…sounds great right??? One problem though….who n the hell told her I knew enough about tech/computer/networking and all that other rah rah to be the coordinator..but lemme tell yall..if the position comes with a big enough raise my ass will be reading the Tech/Computer/Networking and all that Other Rah Rah For Dummies book lol

Kicked up the workout routine and that other health crap and my body is def doin some changing…and im lovin it..finally…body fat is down..getting all solid..chest is doin its own thing..legs r tighter..yeah im more motivated now than anything..the only thing I hate is that muscle weighs more than fat…so as the waist line goes down there’s a possibility that the scale may go up…talk about tragic irony lol

Love life is still the same….non existent lol…it’s a damn tragedy but hey….when the time is right it’ll happen right. Thought I had met someone wit the possibility for potential but guess I thought wrong. Oh well…life goes on..jus gotta stay positive and happy…can’t be depressed over things u can’t change right??? Damn did I jus say that (Shut up u 2….u know who u r lol)

Valentines day is damn near tomorrow and it’s a time of year im not looking too forward to…its like the universe’s way of making sure u know ur case u forgot lol. Last year this time I had boyfriend (mind u we broke up like a week later) but due to his work schedule we didn’t get to spend it together…and before him I was with my previous ex for 3 years..and honestly I can’t remember having a V-day that I found special….oh well one day it’ll happen cuz I know im a good man who deserves to be loved and treated in the same way that I treat others DAMMIT!!!!!

Ok enough bout all that cuz if I keep goin imma end up hurtin someone lol…anywhooooo overall I’m feelin pretty good…ive reconnected wit old friends, strengthened current friendships, and I’m almost finished grad school….im gonna keep this positive energy im feeling for as long as possible but I know when I’m feelin down I got those faithful few around me to help pick me up and get me back on the right path again