Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank u for choosing Sprint....yeah right

I know most of us have some trouble wit our phones or the wonderful customer service reps but this was my experience wit good ol Sprint yesterday...

I go into the sprint store yeserday to have them tighten my screen. I have a mogul and the screen gets lose after a while of sliding it back and forth. I went to sprint a lil while ago and they fixed it n bout 5 mins...so I was thinkin this would be a quick trip.....boy was I wrong.

I get to the store and im the second person n line to see the tech people. I see that there were about 4 tech reps helpin customers so im thinkin I shouldn't be in line long...ummm...noooo...I was in line for bout a half hour. Why the hell was I n line for a half hour when I was the second person n line and there were 4 customer service tech people???

So I finally get to the counter and I explan to the lady that I jus wanted my screen fixed and she starts to tell me that they can't fix it....ummm she clearly didnt know that I was jus there last month and they did it. So she takes my phone and gives it to the tech guy and he looks at it and hands it back. She then opens the back of my phone and takes out the battery...ummm y r u doin all this wen I jus need the screen fixed. And I didn't want them to notice that there was some water damage from hurricane Jawakabatima tryin to drown my phone a few weeks ago.

After she scans the battery she did some other stuff to it and tried to turn my phone back on. Yeah....no...wuteva the hell she did damaged my phone and it wouldn't turn on. So now im lookin like "bitch u done broke my phone ...now I gotta kill u." So after the tech guy tells her that she broke it (and I clearly heard him say it) I ask her a question...well not really a question..it was more of a suggestion..I say "U do have a new phone for me n the back and it will be set up n the next 5 mins since u broke my phone...right???" She looked at me like I had lost my mind...but when she saw the look n my face she said "ill get right on that for u" so I said "thanx cuz I really didn't wanna drive thru the store."

So I was kinda souped and a lil pissed cuz now its like im startin all ova again. Lost contacts, some pics, text messages, and other rah rah rah but thanx to good ol ActiveSync I can put most of that stuff back. The phone that was fresh out the box didnt have the latest software on it so I had to update the phone myself. How do u have to update a brand new phone??? Gotta luv it right??? So I get home after damn near killin myself at the gym and start to update the phone. The website says it can take up to 10 mins but from experience I know it takes bout 30min-1 hour...damn false advertising...so after fightin wit the computer and the phone I was finally able to sync the two and have all my contacts and the like restored after bout 3 hours. Aint technology great!!!! Hell im still tryin to put my ringtones in the correct folders. Another dose of bull right? lol

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I get lost n ur eyes
Ur touch makes me melt
When u hold me I feel safe and at peace
When I hold u I feel like im protecting a rare treasure...one of the most important things n my life

Ur kiss makes me shiver and my knees weak
Theres nothin we wouldn't do for one another
The bond we have is strong
The connection is crazy
U can read my thoughts
I never thought I would meet someone who gets me like u do
U pass thru my mind a billion times a day

Sometimes I jus wanna hold u and chill
Sometimes I jus wanna talk
Watchin u sip on a drink while I cook
But wit u im down for wutever
Maybe its cuz theres more to us than meets the eye

I reach out for u...to wrap u n my arms
Jus to hold u as u hold me
To silently show im thankful u've come into my life
Jus to show my appreciation for being there for me
For listening, advising, and keeping me focused
But as I reach for u...I realize ur not there

Im awake now...madd it was jus a dream
Another night dreamin of wut it will be like
When the time is right my dream will become a reality and u will be there
Never to leave
Ill b there for u
I've learned that dreams can come tru
But until the time comes I will see u when I close my eyes....sweet dreams...sleep well

Friday, September 12, 2008

Got a pen???

Im the type of person that enjoys may things. Drinking, cookin, and hangin wit the crew are at the top of the list lol but two of my fav past times are reading and writing. I have often found comfort in a good book. Maybe its cuz I grew up as a only child and tv would bore me after awhile. I began writing early n life. I would write songs and poems that would come to be published and read at different events.

As I got older I gave up on writing until around my sophomore year in high school. I had a teacher who made us practice my different forms of writing and my love for writing came back once again. I've used writing as a form of therapy and self expession. Sometimes I can better express myself on paper than in person which some people find weird lol.

In past relationships I've used writing to effectively communicate my feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It helps cuz u get to clear ur head of everything and then if u want to u can read it to the other person so they can know wut goin on wit u. Well that has been my experience wit it lol.

Words r interesting...wit words u can tell a story, paint a picture, dedscribe things n such vivid detail that it feels like ur actually there. When I write I feel like its my expression n its purest form...like a mental cleansing.

Those that know me know that I usually have a ton of shit floatin thru my head. Thas y its sometimes hard for me to post cuz im conflicted as to wut to write about. Problems, headache, heartache, anger, and joy, are among the many other emotions, feelings, and thoughts that flow thru me. Sometimes its jus too much so I try to talk/write it out. Feels like if I don't release the pressure my head and heart will explode and ill be left an empty shell devoid of feeling anything.

So ill continue to write. As new chapters unfold in my life im sure ill have more to write. Im thinkin/hopin a particular chapter will start soon for me...and trust me if it goes well im sure ill be writing more and writing out of happiness. Lemme get my pen ready....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's for the kids....right???

After an awsome weekend of chillin and cookin and dealin wit hurricane jawakabatima tryin to drown my phone, I had to go back to work on monday. Tuesday/wednesday makes it officially one week back at work and talk about bittersweet....sweet cuz the paychecks will be comin once again (thank ya Jesus) and bitter cuz once again im bein forced to work another crazy ass, makes no sense, who n the hell came up wit this bull type of schedule.

Im a Spanish teacher at a middle/high school and have voiced my concerns about being placed or should I say forced to work n the middle school component of the school when I know I would be better n the high school. For the past three years I've had to hold my tongue, or at least try, cuz i didn't have tenure and could be let go and not rehired. Well now I finally have tenure and I've been cuttin the hell loose. When I don't like how somethin is goin...trust and believe im lettin it be known...some call it rude, others call it real...I really dont give a damn lol.

Im one of the few teachers n my school who actually has genuine concern for my kids. My students know that im there for them for school, home, family and other problems. Some of them have my number and don't hesitate to call when somethin is goin on or jus to say hi. Parents have come to me sayin how their child talks about how much they like my class and me and have thanked me for helpin their child n any way.

Its such a great feeling.....however when ur bosses are a bunch of old bass ackward idiots who don't care bout nuttin but collectin a paycheck, it takes away from the joy. Prime example of stupidity can be found in scheduling....can some please explain to me why im teachin 7 classes...3 high school ad 4 middle school...I see the high school classes everyday but I only see each middle school class one day a week. How the hell do u expect middle school kids, or anybody for that matter, to learn anything about a foreign language when they only have it one day a week for 40 mins????? Ummm did I mention that I don't have my own classroom and my schedule changes everyday??? If anyone can find sense n that please lemme know cuz clearly I don't get it.

Currently im majorin in education administration so im takin a bunch of classes about how schools should be run. Every week im wrtiing a paper about how ideal schools should be or the legal aspects of education or communication in the workplace or some other type of rah rah rah. Can I tell u how depressing it is to know wut my school could be like if my no neck havin dinosaur for a principal wasn't there???

The other day I was meetin wit one of my 7th grade classes for the first time and they were doin their work. Now they were a lil loud but thas cuz they were havin fun doin their assignment. Why did the principal come n the room and told them they were too loud and blasted them bout how they should listen and blah blah blah....I was lookin at the rain while she was talkin....well after her dumb ass speech she leaves...but...as she leave she looks at me and...wait for it....the bitch rolled her eyes....come on now ur the damn principal and ur rollin ur eyes....lets be serious...if she woulda jus asked me wut they were doin I coulda easily told here and had them settle down......quite frankly I think its great when u have kids excited bout school work but maybe thas jus me.

Its only been the first week and im countin down the days till june...someone pray for me so I don choke a child, trip the principal, or drive my car thru the building.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Guess wut dad???

Happy labor day everyone....I hope everyone enjoyed their last day of summer cuz its officially time for us teachers to get back to work...oh joy lol

Well my father called me yesterday while I was at the beach wit the crew and left me a voicemail sayin my nana was havin a cookout. I haven't seen my nana in a while cuz I don't go to south jersey that often so I thought it would be nice if I surprised her.

So today I get n el carro aka re-re and head on down to good ol trenton to see my nana and my dads side of the fam. Now lemme give yall some background on my father. Our relationship hasn't been all that great cuz he's a druug addicted alcoholic who decided drugs were more important than raisin me and stayin wit my mother.....but im gonna leave the story there for now. Well...recently he's been reachin out to me and tryin to keep in touch but I've been keepin him at a distance.

Anyway today I had a really good time wit my dads side of the family. Had some cheap beer and some good ol nana food and saw some cousins I haven't seen since forever ago. Now here's where it gets a lil crazy...my dad gets drunk and starts fightin wit my aunt..but it was hilarous for me cuz they fight like brother and sister (maybe cuz they are right??? Lol).
Today I actually saw how much my dad and I are alike. It was a lil creepy at some points cuz I never wanted to be like him...at all...not in the least bit lol...but today I saw I am truly my fathers child...especially n our jokes and the way we drink lol.

After some more drinks my dad and I start to talk and get a lil emotional so I start tellin him how not havin him around has caused some emotional/mental issues in me that surfaced a few years ago...but have since been dealt with for the most part...everyday is a lil better.

Ok so like I said we were drinking and I came out to my dad....lemme say it again.....I CAME OUT TO MY FATHER!!!! it was like...hey dad....guess wut??? lol...the shit was priceless but it wasn't that bad..he took it quite well and said he loves me no matter wut and that he kinda had an idea...but wutever lol. So now both my parents know and I feel closer to my dad...hopefully our relationship will be better and I can finally get over the hurt, anger, and other negative feelings.