Monday, October 27, 2008

This past weekend.....

Hey people...well the weekend has once again come and gone and its back to work I go....ugghh

Here's one of the pics that shawn took of me a while ago...wut yall think???

Well I had a really good time at my bday party on sat...I cooked for the I know..who cooks for their own party...I DO!!!! It was my way of saying thanx to those who have been there for thru my ups and downs and helpin me deal wit me friends...I luv yall...shouts to X, Shawn, Fuzzy, Keelee, Tookie, Shawne, Special, My Twin, Washington...if I left anyone out charge it to my head and not my heart.

Well I made some pasta wit ground turkey and turkey sausage...chicken n a brandy bbq sauce, stir fried veggies, potato salad..and some good ol drinks (more on that n a bit lol) Well I guess it was good cuz all that was left was a corner of potato salad and a lil pasta lol. I got complements on the food so I was happy.

I also whipped up some good ol Get Rite Juice, a batch of Promiscuous (that I didn't even get any of), and the newly released that scorpion was smooth but had a sting on then end of it...jus how I wanted it to be. Yall shoulda see me mixin that drink on fri myself tipsy as hell getting the mix jus right. Well I guess the drinks were good cuz clearly they were all gone. Ended up havin to concoct another gallon of some new punch that was named Scorpion Remixed...or Scorpion pt 2...or somethin like that lol...There was also beer and other alcohol floatin around...we had a good ol time lol.

My boy got me a cake and I was fightin to keep the smile off my face. In the past hardly anybody did anything for me on my bday..maybe a drink or a cupcake or havin a cake touched me...even though my boy decided to touch me wit the cake when I wasn't lookin...had frostin all n my face and n my nose lol...Thanx Jughead.

Did I mention I was feelin myself last night...I thought I looked quite sexy...which is new for me lol. Had on a new outfit, was smellin all good and stuffis, and I was feelin quite right. However, my frisky-o-meter has been reaching critical and them drinks weren't helping any...but nonetheless I was feelin good about myself especially wit folks sayin I looked smaller and tryin to force me to eat more...clearly a good self esteem boost lol.

It was good to have everyone out helpin me celebrate my bday a lil early. Some faces were new, some were old, some I had known for a short time, and some I don't even know/remember lol. Im tellin u get rite will get u rite lol. As soon as I get the pics from my camera (which is being held hostage lol) ill post some. Went out to eat last night..well I was kidnapped and hoodwinked into goin somehwere...clearly wit a hangover...but i still had a good time...thanx guys.

Im at work now...feelin some type of way right bout now...but thats a topic for another post lol....The bday is on tuesday and im thinkin bout havin a few people over sometime this week for some drinks and to chill...but who knows wut the week will bring. Yall know imma have another paper to do...oh yeah jus finished another class yesterday and the new one starts today...damn can I get a break...don't u see me tryin to enjoy my bday week and not have a liver...don't interrupt...rude

I've said n a past post im tryin to be upfront and honest and sayin wut I mean..and meanin wut I say...soooo before I end this post jus wanted to once again say thanx to my friends...cherish those who have been there for u....ur all special to me and I hope yall know it. I've told some of u b4 how I felt about u and how I value our connections/bonds...jus wanted to say it again...or for the first time if I haven't told now I end this post...getting another year older and another year better

Friday, October 24, 2008

Let the countdown begin....

Well it’s finally the end of another week…right now im at work counting down the hours till I can race the kids out the building. Once again this has been a week full of surprises in the good ol education field. For starters there was a surprise assembly on Tuesday for the high school students. Key word….surprise. Nobody knew wut the hell was goin on…well none of the kids and teachers anyway..and when questioned about it..the lady in charge of the assembly gave u the look of death…clearly these people don’t realize that im officially crazy and will flip the hell out. But I did jus have to show this other lady in the assembly exactly how crazy I am….i’ve warned her before about talking to me anyway she sees fit. I’ve warned her once….warned her twice….there is no third time…I know she’s gonna think twice bout talking to me now…she jus betta choose her words carefully lol.

Then we had a half day on Wed..well the kids did anyway cuz staff had inservices…how bout nobody knew where the hell we were supposed to go. Then I get told I’m supposed to go to the caf wit everyone else….ummmm yeah the meeting was about vocabulary and reading strategies ::looks around and raises hand:: I think they forgot I’m a Spanish Teacher…wut the hell am I gonna do wit reading strategies….my kids aren’t reading any novels in Spanish. I jus laughed, sat down, and pretended to be interested…thanx to the Bacardi limon and sprite I had before the meeting started…lol…shut up don’t judge me.

The weekend is here and my bday party is Sat night…my actual birthday is Tuesday but we’re celebrating tomorrow. Goin out for drinks on Tuesday night,,..I think…oh well lol. After work I gotta get a hair cut, run to the grocery store, dollar store, liquor store and start my cookin and punch making. Im unveiling a new drink at the party…The Scorpion…its gonna be red…and strong but sweet at the same time…I’ve almost got the recipe perfected but it will be ready by tomorrow….so I can add that to the other punches and creations I’ve come up with. Imma do a lil bit of cookin tonight and gonna finish up the rest tomorrow. I’m not sure who’s actually comin or not but I could care less cuz I know me and the crew are gonna have a good time regardless. Hell…that means more food and liquor for us lol. But if ur in the area feel free to stop by lol.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm thinkin.....

I've been thinkin about my book post for a while now..different thoughs passin thru my head at different times... I asked yall wut yall thought about's wut I think... Why is it so hard for us as a people to embrace our children and one another for who we are.  Jus cuz ur attracted to the same sex doesn't make u less of a person or any of that.  I remember tellin my mom after comin out to her (more on that later n the post) would u be happier if I told u I got some girl pregnant? Or I was addicted to drugs?  Like being gay is the worst thing n the world. 

Unfortunately many of our parents and elders feels that way for some reason.  Now I can only speak for me but being gay wasn't a choice....its how I was part of who I am.  Does my being gay take away from every other part of me???? Hell y is it so hard for people to accept the fact that we are all each his own...and all that other rah rah. 

If my mother or family referred to me as the "gay son" or "gay one" or wutever I know it would bother me.  I don't know how long it would have taken me to get over that kind of hurt/betrayal and thank God I don't have to worry bout that. 

I can relate to the author's words (however poorly written at times) about black folks being thrown outta their families and cast aside.  That was one of my greatest fears growing up.  Being kicked to the curb for bein who u truly are.  That's part of the reason it took me so long to come out to my mom.  Althought she raised me the majority of my life as a ingle parent, I still had no idea wut to expect. 

Y do we feel we have to hide our tru selves? When will our soceity be able to accept us as equals? It's kinda sad that other cultures and ethnicities can embrace, accept, and support their children whole heartedly. Although some successes have been made i feel like we have a long way to go.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gettin better....kinda

Wassup blogworld....well its finally the end of another week...thank ya Jesus...I've been a lil outta commission cuz I caught a cold and it had me feelin like pure untampered crap.  Oh the joys of teachin a bunch of sniffin and sneezin ankle bitters.  I couldn't even go to the gym for 2 days...but I dragged my but in on wed. & yesterday.  Wasn't back to 100% but I didn't wanna miss the gym...damn dedication. Walked into the building today and checked the mailbox and guess wut...a memo sayin they having a surprise assembly for the kids. How in the hell r u gonna jus have surprise assemblies and not tell the teachers so we can plan our lessons. Now wouldn't that make sense???

Its scorpio season and I can feel it n the air.  I've been feelin "frisky" lately...ok more so than usual lol...but its cuz this is my zodiac season.  The tru scorpio is much harder to keep back during these 2 months lol.  Sensual, freaky, sexy, intuitive, raw, passionate....Imma try and keep him at bay but im not makin any promises lol.  U know wut they say bout us scorpios lol. 

Recently I've been seeing some changes n my body and im happy bout them.  My students, coworkers, and friends have mentioned that I've changed.  I really hadn't noticed that much until I started lookin (or was forced to look) at older pictures.  Now don't get me wrong...I was still hittin the gym and watchin wut I eat (during the week anyway lol) but I really wasn't payin that much attention to it.  I guess the first sign was my clothes fittin looser...then I had to buy new underware cuz mine were falling off...then I had to buy new a belt and smaller clothes...I started feelin good...healthier...and better about myself. 

But the extreme kick n the ass for me was yesterday.  I went to the gym still coughing and sneezing but had a great workout.  I decided to get on the scale which is somethin I don't do often.  I started playin wit the damn thing....slidin this part hre and the other part there...really who had to make these things so damn difficult..who knew u needed a degree to weigh urself...well after I think I figure it out I don't believe the number...I go and stalk a personal trainer so I can use their digital scale..well after that damn scale finished blinkin and flashin and all the other rah rah it showed the number...I was shocked I had lost weight from he last time I weighed myself.  So with a smile on my face I thought bout how much weight I've lost total....yeah I did tell yall im a Spanish teacher not a math teacher so I had to break out the phone and use the far I've lost 50 pounds people...Thank ya Jeses......50 fuckin pounds...I don't think yall know how souped and motivated I am now. 

I feel like I've accomplished a goal I set....well actually I passed that goal and now I've set a new one.  I wanna lose another 20lbs but even if I don't im still happy...but trust me imma get these other 20 off.  Maybe ill post some pictures after I take some new ones...give yall some before and after shots so u can see.   

The weekend is here and of course I gotta write another paper but im gonna bang it out...gotta keep that GPA high.  Really don't have anythin planned other than payin bills and getting some birthday clothes.  I still have bout 2 weeks till the day but id rather get it outta the way.  Its funny how getting another year older can change the way u think about things, situations, and people...but thas a topic for another post lol.  Wut yall have planned for this supposedly chilly weekend??? Bout time fall finally showed the hell up...80 degrees in october..clearly its the end of days.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wut yall think?

Hey yall, I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but never got around to it. Had a break in the day so I took the chance to post this since I can post from the school’s laptop lol. Yall know I like to read but I recently finished a book “Hiding In Hip Hop” by Terrance Dean. It was an ok read…nuttin to scream about and recommend. I thought it was gonna be better than what it actually was. Anyway there was a section in the book that I wanted to share:

Things were different for me. He was white and I was black. His community was more accepting of his sexuality. It’s hard as hell to be an educated, smart, and attractive gay black man in the black community.

We don’t discuss sex and sexuality in our community. It’s taboo. Try to bring up the topic of sexuality and you will get shot down. No one wants to talk about it. If someone is gay in our family we whisper about them. Even though everyone knows, our families don’t want to know the details. We don’t openly discuss it nor do we tell everyone.

I’ve often heard people in white families say that they have a gay child and strongly support him or her. Or that they have a brother or sister who’s gay. “We love them no matter what,” they say.

You’ll rarely hear people in a black family say anything about their gay child or sibling. Many of us are disowned by our families. Sure, it happens in the white community, but in the black community it’s a sin before God for a man to be attracted to other men. The black churches and ministers preach emphatically on the despicable lifestyle of a gay man. As a young man growing up in the church there wasn’t a Sunday where the minister didn’t say something negative or derogatory about gay men and women.

Many nights I cried, praying to God, asking and pleading with him to take away my sinful homosexual thoughts. Man, I wanted to be straight. I wanted to live my life as a heterosexual man with a wife and kids, but I couldn’t shake my urges for men. I knew this would be my burden for life.

I had met many gay men who had been shunned by their families. They were put on the streets at an early age, their mothers and fathers refusing to speak to them. They had become outcasts. Some had suffered severe abuse from their parents who tried to beat the homosexuality out of them. Others, forced into therapy, were told it was a phase they were going through. They needed to have their heads examined, and maybe the psychiatrist could find the reason and cure. I just learned to keep my mouth shut and for good reason.

What do yall think about this? Any opinions?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Warning....This Is A Public Service Announcement

In the past few weeks I've noticed that a lot of people ad companies are guilty of a serious offense....FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! Now it may seem like nothing at all but imma give yall some examples....

U see this dude while ur was out one night...he looks bout 6'5...maybe 250lbs solid muscle...nice teeth etc...but when he goes to speaks..sounds like a 3 year old girl....FALSE ADVERTISING

I have a student in the 7th grade...she dresses like a female and thanx to early puberty she has the body of a grown woman...y is her voice deeper than mine??? FALSE ADVERTISING

Growing up I was always told that a college degree could set me for the future...ummm does anyonne else realize that a bachelor's degree is like a high school diploma now...FALSE ADVERTISING

Some people say one thing but their actions are completely contradictory...they have people thinkin one thing when they're thinkin or gonna do another...clearly a case of FALSE ADVERTISING

Fat free foods are supposed to be better for u right??? Well y n the hell are their higher in sodium and preservatives and other rah rah I won't gain weight but ill die of a stroke or a heart attack...sounds great right??? FALSE ADVERTISING

America is supposed to be the greatest country in the world right? Then y r we n a damn recession wit stocks falling and gas prices are higher than I would b after some good weed? FALSE ADVERTISING

Y I saw this dude the other day and thought he was cute as hell...but then after further inspection I realized he was actually a she...FALSE ADVERTISING

If love is supposed to be one of the greatest feelings and emotions ever...y can it be the source of great pain and hurt as well...FALSE ADVERTISING

Clothing companies should not make certain things in every size...jus cuz it n ur size doesn't mean u should wear it...I mean really 4xlarge spandex is a mess....FALSE ADVERTISING

Lube that claims to have a gentle warming sensation but actually ends up burning...FALSE ADVERTISING

Fitness water that has more calories than soda...FALSE ADVERTISING

Walmart rolls back the prices so u save...y do u end up spendin a arm, leg, and a testicle??? FALSE ADVERTISING

Keepin in mind the comment above...y is it that when stuff is on sale u end up spendin more...damn mall sales...FALSE ADVERTISING

Clearly.....this is wut we live in lol...Wut do yall think bout this??? Now I know yall have some more to add to this list...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Aint life grand???

Well...another week down...hey people...feels like I haven't posted n a while but anyway...jus been tryin to handle things that are thrown at me on a daily basis...and im still tryin to make sense outta some stuff. Maybe ill let yall know in more detail later....then again maybe not lol.

Work is work...same ol shit wit a dif twist. Constantly dealing wit pettiness from adults, attitudes from kids, and jus the usual daily drawn out school day. Hell, im still goin to the wrong classes on some days. The other day some lil ass kid was like "nice fitted that shit." I had to remember I was a teacher (as I picked his ass up by his bookbag straps) cuz I was gonna teach his ass a new kinda lesson...not to fuck wit a stressed out man who can benchpress u wit one hand.

Then after livin the life of a teacher I still gotta live the life of a student...grad school will be over n may and I can't wait. Im so sick of researching and writing papers, answerin discussion questions, and havin to plot my weekends around whatever assignment I have to do. Sometimes I regret goin back to school but I knew it was a move I had to make. Unlike other jobs, the only way u can get a raise in education is to get another u gotta take out loans to go back to school to get a raise jus to have to pay back the government...ummm does anyone see the sense n that???

Then after that im still goin to the gym and tryin to keep healthy and in shape. Although im not where I wanna be yet, im better than I was. Body fat percentage is way down from wut it used to be, put on muscle (didnt really want to though lol), and lost 35 pounds. Sometimes its a pain n the ass forcing myself to go to the gym, other times I don't wanna go cuz of other things I have to do or i jus don't have the energy to go. But I try to go 4 times a week. Why couldn't I have my fathers metabolism...he can eat wutever he wants and not gain a ounce...if I smell a cheeseburger I can feel a pound jump on me outta thin air...or should I say fat air lol.

Sometimes it feels things r going im on top...on cloud 9, 7, or 3 wutever number that good cloud is lol.....but then its like a brick wall pops up and I get knocked upside the head and slammed back to earth. Jus like life huh??? U got ur ups and ur downs..aint it a blast :-/ Had a semi good day at work today but when I get to my car at the end of the day I see....a damn parking ticket...wut the hell?!?!? They're doin constrution on the main street so where the hell r we supposed to I wasn't parked all that illegal...I was jus under 50 ft from a stop sign...but really if there were parking available clearly I woulda been able to park somewhere else...ugghhh

Then earlier this week we get a memo sayin that if we miss more than 6.4 das from work our attendance will be unsatisfactory for the that raises 2 questions...umm how the hell do u have .4 days? And how can u give me sick days but tell me I can't use them? Lets say that I wanna take 1 day off a month jus for a mental I don't choke slam somebody's child...that woul be a total of 10 days for the school according to that memo I would have unsatisfactory attendance...maybe I should jus spaz out one day hmmm..I have like 50 somethin sick days so trust me imma be usin some of them lol

Well the weekend is finally here and I really don't have any usual....other than getting a hair cut and laundry I jus go wit the flow (after I finish this paper grrr) Who wants to help me write it lol...wut yall got planned for this chilly weekend? Anyone got any ideas?