Thursday, August 21, 2008

Internal Affairs....

Heads and tails
Left and right
Up and down
Yin and yang
Right and wrong
Tops and bottoms lol

Its all about balance...theres always something to counter its opposite. But wut happens when the balance begins to shift from one side to another??? Unrest...turmoil...headache...WAR

There are times when I struggle wit myself as most people do...its like there are two sides battlin it the Spartans fightin Xerxes and the Persians lol

Salad or fries...fried or baked...gym or smut out or keep hope care or not give a be patient or jus say fuck it...aren't choices great???

Sometimes I jus wanna say fuck it and do all the things that I don't do. Jus wanna let the Scorpio out and not care for a min...but I know it wouldn't be me.

I do a pretty decent job of keepin it together but sometimes it feels like one side is getting the best of the other and thus the unrest and turmoil begin...oh well its jus part of being human right??? But that doesn't make it fun.

Tops and bottoms
Right and wrong
Yin and yang
Up and down
Left and right
Heads and tails

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On the shore...

Standing on the shores of change at the sea of fate
The waves of wonder crash and wash over me
Feeling destiny's mist spaying my face
But yet Im afraid to fully step in

So ill continue to stand here and look
Gazing into the sunset and feeling the breeze
Something catches my eye
Curiosity peaked, senses aroused, interest steadily growing

I've got to see wut it is...wut is this thing that's got my attention? Wut is this im feeling? Wait a sec....where did it go?

No longer content on the shores of change
Pondering as the waves of wonder continue to crash
As destiny's mist moistens my face
I still think about the thing that caught my eye
I can almost see it in the sea of fate

Still afraid yet somehow less I take the first step in
Will fate destroy me or will I survive???
Only time will tell
Change and destiny have conspired with wonder and fate so here I am.

Left to wonder
Wading thru fate...maintaining focus
Into the sea...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jus Some Random Thoughts

So here I am at 12:40 am and have a bunch of random crap flowin thru my mind...warning these thoughts were written as they passed thru my head so there's no pattern or system or any of that other rah rah rah...

Why do I have to take out the trash so damn much??? I live alone (for the most part)

Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway?

Wut should I put in my new drink that im creating?

Wut other types of recipes can I come up with?

Why the hell can't I blog from my computer?

Why do people go to the gym smellin like hot bunrt wolf knuckels that were rolled in moldy cheese and left n the sun on a hot august day? (and im soooo not exaggerating)

Why if u move things by car it's called shipment but if u move things by ship it's called cargo?

Why do I smile to myself when I think about....? Oh u thought I was gonna put the name?? Oh well lol

Wut will the weekend will bring?

Who n the hell told me to go back to school? Its all a scam anyway...right???

Why is it that u can be with people and still feel lonely?

Why don't people realize how good they have it?

Why am I always bustin my ass reading or writing somethin...but dammit I gets it done

Why do I cook and not eat?

Why is it sooo hard to get a summer job? (Oh the joy of being a teacher)

Why don't I know wut I wanna be when I grow up?

Wut's n store for me in the future in different areas (relationship, career, car, house)?

How many ways can u cook chicken?

Didn't I jus get my hair cut?

Why is shit sooooo damn expensive?

Why is Wal-Mart the devil?

Why does it cost more to eat/live healthier?

Why are u so sore sometimes after workin out that u never wanna do it again?

Why is it 1:15 am and Im still thinkin crazy random thoughts?

Wuts on ur mind???

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rock a bye

::wiping drool from mouth and crust outta my eyes...looks around yawns and checks breath for freshness:: I don't know about u but my bed is stuffed wit crack, Tylenol PM, and Thera-Flu.  It's the type of bed that u have to fight to get out of.  I'm talkin about settin the alarm about a half hour before u wanna get up cuz ur gonna have to struggle and fight ur way out.  Now....I have a newer bed frame but my mattress is old as hell.  It was my Pop-pop's (grandfather for yall who don't know lol) but I got it when he passed.  I was thinkin bout getting a new one but the shit is sooooooo comfy.  I'm talkin about the type of bed that jus takes all ur aches, pains, and hangovers away.  I don't consider myself to be a late sleeper (shut up Shawn & Fuzzy lol)  its not my fault...its the curse of the bed.  Im tellin u it makes no sense.  Screw sleep number, air beds, and those beds that u can jump on without spillin the wine (who actually does that??? my momma woulda beat the jump outta me if she caught me jumpin on a bed...especially wit a glass of talkin bout not even a glass of air) my bed is the ultimate nights rest and if ur not careful the ultimate half of the next day's rest too.
And don't get me started on my couches....I haven't met anyone that could resist the call of the overstuffed sectionals.  Everyone who has visited me has passed out one time or another.  Think your gonna jus sit and watch some tv  Couches that can double as guest beds and provide a decent nights sleep...jus don't compare them wit the bed lol.
I've been told that its a combo of the furniture and the comfortable atmosphere that's in my apt.  Trust's not set up like no hotel or nuttin...hell i haven't even done any decorating other than a couple pictures and some candles...but hey its wuteva....I'm jus glad that my friends are comfortable enough to come over, raid my fridge, and pass out after losing in Wii or PS2 games.