Monday, May 18, 2009

Over the weekend...

Hey blogworld,

Hope everyone had a good time over the weekend and is ready to tackle another work week..ugghhhh lol...well I had a pretty decent and busy weekend...

I was told earlier last week not to make any plans for fri nite..ummm ok sure..come to find out my friends put together a lil nite out to celebrate my graduation since I was outta town for the official graduation...THANX GUYS!!!!! Well needless to say I was shocked and happy bout everything....well we went to the city to eat at Caliente Cab in the village, which is someplace that I've been wanting to go to for a while but never actually made it I was souped as hell bout eathin there...wish someone woulda told us the drinks were between $14-$16 each but they were good

the place had no damn light..we were usin candles and cell phones to read the menus lol

yeah the drinks were good..wut can i say lol

yeah the drinks were settin in lol

So after dinner we hit a club and we danced the damn nite away but my genius ass left the cam in the car feet were killin me by the end of the night lol...on sat i hit up a friend's housewarming and had a good time..didn't know Taboo could get so intense..had the people livin downstairs bangin on the ceilin cuz we were making too much noise lol.

Sun went to Fuzzy's housewarmin....awww im iz b so proud of him and stuffisis....him iz gettin his grown man on...damn that chicken was good..u did ur thing fuzz buzz..and once again I found out how serious Taboo can get..especially when ur drinkin lol...well anyway my weekend was good...i needed it...once again jus wanted THANX to the crew for a great fri...hope everyone enjoyed their weekend


Anonymous said...

hmmm, cute pics btw you have pretty lips... :)

fuzzy said...

He does doesn't he? lmao

You really liked the chicken? I had to ask God for another soul because I put mine in that food, for real! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! Can we get a round 2 of taboo? I'm gettin Jinga this weekend from Walmart... Or should I get catch phrase? hmmm phase 5? lemme know... They sold my damned sofa! i'm broken... I left a deposit! sheds a tear!

Achilles said...

Looks like you had a great time! Congratulations man!