Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Chrismahannakwanzaka

Happy holidays people...today is a short day at work thank the Lord...its a half day and the schedule is changed so I only teach a couple classes today instead of the full load lol...I think im startin to finally get into the holiday spirit...I know im a lil late getting into it but oh well lol...I was actually a lil depressed and saddened by this "special" time of year but thas life right...after talkin to a few people I realized I wasn't the only one who was feelin like this so I guess im not weird lol

We had our first official snow storm thingy on friday...they closed school but I had already called out cuz I wanted to finish my christmas shopping...I figured I would use a sick day and hit the malls and stores while evryone else was at work...so I called out thurs night for fri....but thanx to mother nature I didn't get docked for a day...but instead I ended up getting stuck in snow traffic lol..but I was finished shoppin by then.

The crazy thing is that when I got outta bed at 830 there wasn't a flake of snow in sight...but the shit started comin down at 9:47am and didn't stop till like 6...damn snow and ice everywhere...went to a party fri night and on the way home old man winter thought it would b funny to spin my car into the guard rail...im thankful I wasn't driving fast and I jus gotta replace a headlight.

Bugged out wit the crew on sat night...MY SHAWN asked me to make a lil somethin for his holiday party so I did...glad everyone liked it..nuttin special jus some veggies. Now I gotta plot on my annual brunch I have for my friends. I've started plannin the menu and have shared some ideas wit some friends..but we're still in a recession but yall know imma make it happen somehow. This is the second year I've done the brunch and I love doin it....my circle of friends has changed drastically since last year but its for the best...I got some tru, down to earth, ride or die, people around me....I hope I have enough room for everyone lol cuz people overheard me talkin bout the brunch and invited themselves lol

Im headin to mommas house on wed cuz thas when we have our fam brunch..im lookin forward to it cuz ill see some of my cousins I haven't seen since last christmas...damn jerks don't call anybody lol...and I don't even have to cook..jus gotta show up wit a new drink for the family...I might jus bring some get rite since they haven't had it yet lol

Don't know when imma be able to post again cuz yall know my computer has sars but imma try to post somethin during my vacation. Vacation officially starts at 12 somethin and I don't go back till jan 5....and thas the same time I go back to grad school...2 more classes to go yall I can't wait till im done...so im enjoyin a few weeks of not having to work, write lesson plans, or write a damn paper. I wonder wut this break will bring...hmmm..well I hope all yall enjoy ur holidays and all that rah rah...soooo merry chrismahannakwanzaakah to u and urs

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Its that time again.....

Its officially that time of the year again…the first official snow fell and kept falling..and stopped….and then fallin some more. I wish yall coulda seen those steroid-injected, overstuffed, muscle bound snowflakes. Got hit n the head wit a few and thought I had a damn concussion lol…and jus when I thought the snow was over it started falling.

Whenever I see snow I get flashbacks from my childhood about the fireplace. I used to always have the fire goin as a child. Sitting by the fireplace was one of those memories that will stick with me. It’s something bout sittin by the fireplace and jus chillin and enjoyin the time. There’s jus something about spending time with that special someone by the fireplace…jus talking, holding each other, coolin out, lookin into each other’s eyes, and enjoyin each other’s company (if only n my mind lol). Hell…a fireplace is a mandatory feature for my home.

The Christmas tree is finally up and it looks pretty good…still gotta put the candy canes on the tree. Theres still some lil things to take care of before I can officially enjoy the break….still gotta finish up the last bit of grad school work, do the mid-term notices for the students, plan the brunch, and of course Christmas shopping. This year im having a bit of technical difficulties in shopping…don’t know wut to get anybody lol..dammit…but ill figure it out. Wut yall got planned for the holidays?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wut in the......

Wassup people...feels like I've been gone for a min and guess its tru cuz I've been told by a few bloggers that its time to post again lol. Well this is gonna be a quick post..damn job got me workin like a fugative slave tryin to buy my own freedom…..Remember a while back I did a post about false advertising??? Well how bout this for a case of false advertising….

Lets talk about tops for min shall we...now y is it that more and more tops r posin/actin like bottoms. Now im not sayin anythin is wrong wit bein a either one but ummmm y would a top have only pics of his ass in his profile or page?? And im not jus talkin bout jus reg pics...im talkin bout full out posed, arched back, booty tooted, lips pouted, cakes greased action. Wut the hell is that shit about???

You wanna give this....

But ur really givin this

Dudes claim they're masculine but r wearin makeup...umm maybe its jus me but a dude wearin makeup aint masculine n the least bit...his lipgloss aint cool and def aint poppin...hot ass mess...eyebrows all snatched and threaded and plucked...ummm noooo waayyyy buddy!!!!

Like I said..im not sayin that being either a top or bottom is wrong…but sometimes I think that there’s a negative mental image, or connotation, or negative stereotype about being a bottom. Guess it’s the thought that all bottoms are feminine is the reason that most guys don’t fully claim being bottoms.

In my experiences the word bottom has been used as more of an insult or for comedic relief…example:

Guy 1: Shut up bitch
Guy 2: U damn bottom!!

I know thas prob not the best example to give but yall get the point lol…. I wonder how many guys prefer to be bottoms but will claim that they’re vers…or verse/bottoms instead of just embracing who they actually are…or embracing what they prefer. Hell…at least don’t claim ur a top when all ur pics look like an ad for Apple Bottoms/House of Dereon/Barbie.