Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Chrismahannakwanzaka

Happy holidays people...today is a short day at work thank the Lord...its a half day and the schedule is changed so I only teach a couple classes today instead of the full load lol...I think im startin to finally get into the holiday spirit...I know im a lil late getting into it but oh well lol...I was actually a lil depressed and saddened by this "special" time of year but thas life right...after talkin to a few people I realized I wasn't the only one who was feelin like this so I guess im not weird lol

We had our first official snow storm thingy on friday...they closed school but I had already called out cuz I wanted to finish my christmas shopping...I figured I would use a sick day and hit the malls and stores while evryone else was at work...so I called out thurs night for fri....but thanx to mother nature I didn't get docked for a day...but instead I ended up getting stuck in snow traffic lol..but I was finished shoppin by then.

The crazy thing is that when I got outta bed at 830 there wasn't a flake of snow in sight...but the shit started comin down at 9:47am and didn't stop till like 6...damn snow and ice everywhere...went to a party fri night and on the way home old man winter thought it would b funny to spin my car into the guard rail...im thankful I wasn't driving fast and I jus gotta replace a headlight.

Bugged out wit the crew on sat night...MY SHAWN asked me to make a lil somethin for his holiday party so I did...glad everyone liked it..nuttin special jus some veggies. Now I gotta plot on my annual brunch I have for my friends. I've started plannin the menu and have shared some ideas wit some friends..but we're still in a recession but yall know imma make it happen somehow. This is the second year I've done the brunch and I love doin it....my circle of friends has changed drastically since last year but its for the best...I got some tru, down to earth, ride or die, people around me....I hope I have enough room for everyone lol cuz people overheard me talkin bout the brunch and invited themselves lol

Im headin to mommas house on wed cuz thas when we have our fam brunch..im lookin forward to it cuz ill see some of my cousins I haven't seen since last christmas...damn jerks don't call anybody lol...and I don't even have to cook..jus gotta show up wit a new drink for the family...I might jus bring some get rite since they haven't had it yet lol

Don't know when imma be able to post again cuz yall know my computer has sars but imma try to post somethin during my vacation. Vacation officially starts at 12 somethin and I don't go back till jan 5....and thas the same time I go back to grad school...2 more classes to go yall I can't wait till im done...so im enjoyin a few weeks of not having to work, write lesson plans, or write a damn paper. I wonder wut this break will bring...hmmm..well I hope all yall enjoy ur holidays and all that rah rah...soooo merry chrismahannakwanzaakah to u and urs

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Its that time again.....

Its officially that time of the year again…the first official snow fell and kept falling..and stopped….and then fallin some more. I wish yall coulda seen those steroid-injected, overstuffed, muscle bound snowflakes. Got hit n the head wit a few and thought I had a damn concussion lol…and jus when I thought the snow was over it started falling.

Whenever I see snow I get flashbacks from my childhood about the fireplace. I used to always have the fire goin as a child. Sitting by the fireplace was one of those memories that will stick with me. It’s something bout sittin by the fireplace and jus chillin and enjoyin the time. There’s jus something about spending time with that special someone by the fireplace…jus talking, holding each other, coolin out, lookin into each other’s eyes, and enjoyin each other’s company (if only n my mind lol). Hell…a fireplace is a mandatory feature for my home.

The Christmas tree is finally up and it looks pretty good…still gotta put the candy canes on the tree. Theres still some lil things to take care of before I can officially enjoy the break….still gotta finish up the last bit of grad school work, do the mid-term notices for the students, plan the brunch, and of course Christmas shopping. This year im having a bit of technical difficulties in shopping…don’t know wut to get anybody lol..dammit…but ill figure it out. Wut yall got planned for the holidays?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wut in the......

Wassup people...feels like I've been gone for a min and guess its tru cuz I've been told by a few bloggers that its time to post again lol. Well this is gonna be a quick post..damn job got me workin like a fugative slave tryin to buy my own freedom…..Remember a while back I did a post about false advertising??? Well how bout this for a case of false advertising….

Lets talk about tops for min shall we...now y is it that more and more tops r posin/actin like bottoms. Now im not sayin anythin is wrong wit bein a either one but ummmm y would a top have only pics of his ass in his profile or page?? And im not jus talkin bout jus reg pics...im talkin bout full out posed, arched back, booty tooted, lips pouted, cakes greased action. Wut the hell is that shit about???

You wanna give this....

But ur really givin this

Dudes claim they're masculine but r wearin makeup...umm maybe its jus me but a dude wearin makeup aint masculine n the least bit...his lipgloss aint cool and def aint poppin...hot ass mess...eyebrows all snatched and threaded and plucked...ummm noooo waayyyy buddy!!!!

Like I said..im not sayin that being either a top or bottom is wrong…but sometimes I think that there’s a negative mental image, or connotation, or negative stereotype about being a bottom. Guess it’s the thought that all bottoms are feminine is the reason that most guys don’t fully claim being bottoms.

In my experiences the word bottom has been used as more of an insult or for comedic relief…example:

Guy 1: Shut up bitch
Guy 2: U damn bottom!!

I know thas prob not the best example to give but yall get the point lol…. I wonder how many guys prefer to be bottoms but will claim that they’re vers…or verse/bottoms instead of just embracing who they actually are…or embracing what they prefer. Hell…at least don’t claim ur a top when all ur pics look like an ad for Apple Bottoms/House of Dereon/Barbie.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From the desk of Twin...

From the desk of Twin:

Well tomorrow is thanksgiving and before we all leave work early and prepare to stuff ourselves beyond reason I jus wanted to say wut im thankful for.

Its funny how life for me has changed from last year. People I used to hang wit and talk to on a daily basis really aren't a part of my life anymore...guess they weren't tru friends right?? Well from those "friendships" I've learned and reevaluated different aspects of myself and those I consider friends. I tend to not use the term friend too often because a friend to me is someonw who is close to my heart. Someone I can truly be myself with and talk to about anything/everything. Someone I can trust...someone who doesn't mind dong the same offering the same as I do n out friendship.

With that being said...im truly thankful and grateful for the people n my life I consider friends...and yall know who yall r (The Crew lol). I've had some deep serious talks with each of u at different points...bugged out and laughed wit u...even created some new drinks and cooked while talkin bout...ummm...wutever we were talkin bout lol.

Each one of u has helped me become the person I am today. Someone who is more confident and comfortable with who they are...someone who now knows its ok to let the "wall" down at times and truly be urself. Soooo I jus wanted to say thank you for being there for me...thanx for the laughs...thanx for the hugs...thanx for the shoulder to lean (and at times cry) on...thanx for the words of encouragement ...thanx for trusting me...thanx for letting me trust u...thanx for helping me understand myself and become a better person...thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have a strong feeling that the connections/friendships I've made are the ones that will stay with me throughout my life. I look forward to sharing many moment of my life wit yall...the ups and downs...the good and bad...shit that only we can laugh at...then laugh at everyone else cuz they have no idea wuts goin on lol. I luv yall....from the heart.

May God continue to bless, keep, protect, fortify each of u and strengthen our individual and collective bonds.

Enjoy ur thanksgiving my fellow bloggers.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thoughts...Past & Present

Wassup blogworld...this may be a lil long but this is a post that took some time to write lol...if u can make it to the end....congrats and comments are apprecated...well these past few weeks have been quite eventful..been feelin all types of ways different days...here's an update

Well work has been a pain n the ass as usual lol. How bout I was standin n front of the building at the end of the day wit my jacket and fitted on and the principal comes slinkin out her office (lemme make a point here...school was over) on her way out the door. I see shes lookin me up and down wit the look of utter disgust on..so me being my nice and kind self (Shut up!!!) I speak and say "Have a nice day and enjoy ur day off" Yall know wut this troll said??? "Mmmhmm u too" Then she asks the security guard that was sittin next to us to walk her to the door...after he does that he comes back and tells me that she was goin on about how unprofessional it was for me to have on a hat..and how I look like a student..and rah rah rah. Now normally I woulda jus ignored it but got to thinkin...this troll has the audacity to worry bout my hat when there are tons of other things for her to worry bout...like y I don't have a classroom...or y don't I have enough materials...or y do kids skip class and nothin happens to them.

So I jus thought and kept it to myself....that is until the next day of work when 3 other people came up to me sayin the principal was talkin bout me to them...come on now is this preschool...aren't we all grown...don't I do my job despite all the setbacks...that bitch can kick rocks in flip flops for all the hell I care.

Then to make matters worse...I find out that this teacher I share a room wit threw out all the textbooks the kids use...I only have about 25 books for all my middle school students...and the crazy thing is...this muthafucka admitted to throwin them out cuz the kids left them under the desks instead of puttin them back...WUT THE HELL?!?!?! So I report this shit to the vice principal and she says that this isn't the first time that teacher has done that...WUT THE HELL?!?!? Since when can u jus throw books out and not have any consequences???

Then they give us the scan sheets to do report cards last Friday and they wanted them completed on Monday…now that wouldn’t have been that much of a problem if I didn’t have over 100 student grades to calculate and bubble in. Come on now..have a damn heart…evil bastards lol.

Lately I've been feelin a lil aggrevated and frustrated wit the way my luv life (or should I say lack thereof) has been going...the following is something I wrote a few weeks back but never posted and only shared wit a few people:

How do u react when everyone around u is happy but u???? It seems like everyone else is on cloud 9...yet ur on the ground floor... U watch those around u experiencing the joy of havin someone wit them...a boyfriend or a boo...or jus a boy for the min???

I've been wonderin this for a while now...im not hatin on my people for havin someone n their lives they can share special moments with....someone who they can call and lean on when their havin a rough day or jus wanna vent...Im happy for them...it jus makes me wonder when will it be my time???

I've been single for some time now and im sooo tired of it....im startin to think somethin may be wrong wit me...I dunno.... On second thought...nah…no way lol...it jus seems like whenever im feelin someone they're not feelin me for wutever reason....and the thing is...I wanna know the reason so I can adjust wutever the "turn off" factor is...its like im constantly subjectiin myself to bein hurt....but maybe its partly my fault....grrrrrrr...but hopefully ill get over it....in time right??? uggghhh

Im not the most together guy there is...but im doin pretty good...im learnin more about myself and growin from it...I have a career, my own place, car, and strivin for more...im a loyal and dedicated and honest person...but I guess those things r turn offs for others...it makes me think...hmmmm

Im jus aggrevated right now...im tryin to stay positive but the shit gets harder every day...when will it be my time??? When will I stop fallin for the guys that don't wanna deal wit me on that level? When will I find the guy that's as crazy for me as I am for him? So many questions...but yet no answers...hmmmm....im jus frustrated, aggrevated, and tired of the bull....I need a drink and a cigarette...maybe thatll bring some clarity...if not at least ill feel better

Returnin back to the present.....Well now that I've got that out...I feel a lil better...well other than bein horny as hell...haven't had sex in a while and its startin to take its toll lol... guess im glowin like a nite light lol

I've been called the most conservative out the group lol so I don't do random hookups or anythin like that....if I kiss someone or do anything further wit a dude I've known him for awhile....but thas not even happenin right now...ugghh...wuts a guy to do...im jus waitin for the right guy...even though I got someone on my mind lol....it gets a lil depressin at times but ill manage....I have hope that things will work out fine…maybe this is a time when I should focus on other things like work and other rah rah (but I think ive done that enough lol)

Well this week is almost over and im plottin for the weekend kinda...im thinkin bout havin the crew over for some movies, drinks, and some eats...but I guess time will tell lol. Of course imma have to finish school work before I can relax. Wut yall got planned for the weekend??? Anything interesting?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Power of a Kiss

Sealed wit a kiss...

Have u ever thought about ur last kiss? Wut were u feeling as u did it? Wut feelings were being passed to u? Wut feelings were u passing?

The power of a kiss is something that people sometimes fail to realize. The emotion, passion, love, and n some cases lust (or horniness lol) is something that can ake ur breath away.

A kiss can be the beginning..it can seal a deal..it can be the end...it can be one of the greatest moments yet one of the saddest at the same time....a kiss can say hello...it can say good bye...it can say uve been missed...it can say don't go...it can say wut u can't find the words for...its amazing how one action can say so much.

Personally I love kissing although I don't do it much lol ::thinkin:: thas not really funny...kinda sad when u think bout it lol...but anyway....I like being kissed...starts off slow...gentle...warm...but given the time and the moment it takes on a life of its own. I've had kisses leave me breathless right before I took his breath away...I've been kissed and had chills sent thru my body as I grabbed the back of his head and go n for the kill...I've had kisses start off as kisses but ended up wit us havin hickies and sore necks lol...I've been kissed and have kissed that have.....ok lemme stop and catch my breath and relax ::clears throat and sips some water::

So like I was sayin....a lot can be said and felt n a kiss...wut bout yall? Ever had that kiss that left u wantin more? That kiss u never wanted to end? Wut were u feelin and were tryin to get that other person to feel?

Friday, November 7, 2008

20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity

This was sent to me and made me laugh...wanted to share wit yall..hopefully u will get a smile outta it.

20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity

1.At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See If They Slow Down.

2.Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice.

3.Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, ask If They Want Fries with that.

4.Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label it 'In'.

5.Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso.

6.In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write 'For Smuggling Diamonds'.

7.Finish All Your sentences with 'In Accordance With The Prophecy'.

8.Don't use any punctuation.

9.As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk.

10.Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.

11.Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is 'To Go'.

12.Sing Along At The Opera.

13.Go To A Poetry Recital. And Ask Why The Poems Don't Rhyme?

14.Put Mosquito Netting Around Your Work Area and Play tropical Sounds All Day.

15.Five Days In Advance, Tell Your Friends You Can't Attend Their Party Because You're Not In the Mood.

16.Have Your Co-workers Address You By Your Wrestling Name, Rock Bottom.

17.When The Money Comes Out The ATM, Scream 'I Won! I Won!'

18.When Leaving The Zoo, start Running Towards The Parking lot, Yelling 'Run For Your Lives! They're Loose!'

19.Tell Your Children Over Dinner , 'Due To The Economy , We Are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go.'

20.And The Final Way To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity .. Send This E-mail To Someone To Make Them Smile. Its Called ... therapy...

Happy Friday people...anyone have anything planned???

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When I See U....

Wrote this awhile ago..in september...thought id share

When I see u I see more than wuts on the outside.
I see the passion that u hold within.
I see the dedication and determination of someone who has limitless potential....
I see someone, who like me, had to grow up fast and learn how to be independent early.

I see the gentle, loving, and caring person that's within.
I see someone who cares for others and sacrifices for them...
I see someone who holds things in but knows how to let things out...
I see someone who can make me smile without saying a word.

I see more than wuts on the surface....
where others see shallowness in u I see depth...
I see the deep thoughts that pass thru ur mind.
I see nothin but the best for u...
I see more n u and for u than I can say.

Do u see it too??? I wonder...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Party Pics...

As promised...here are some of the pics from the party last week...

Monday, October 27, 2008

This past weekend.....

Hey people...well the weekend has once again come and gone and its back to work I go....ugghh

Here's one of the pics that shawn took of me a while ago...wut yall think???

Well I had a really good time at my bday party on sat...I cooked for the event...now I know..who cooks for their own party...I DO!!!! It was my way of saying thanx to those who have been there for thru my ups and downs and helpin me deal wit me lol...my friends...I luv yall...shouts to X, Shawn, Fuzzy, Keelee, Tookie, Shawne, Special, My Twin, Washington...if I left anyone out charge it to my head and not my heart.

Well I made some pasta wit ground turkey and turkey sausage...chicken n a brandy bbq sauce, stir fried veggies, potato salad..and some good ol drinks (more on that n a bit lol) Well I guess it was good cuz all that was left was a corner of potato salad and a lil pasta lol. I got complements on the food so I was happy.

I also whipped up some good ol Get Rite Juice, a batch of Promiscuous (that I didn't even get any of), and the newly released Scorpion...now that scorpion was smooth but had a sting on then end of it...jus how I wanted it to be. Yall shoulda see me mixin that drink on fri night..got myself tipsy as hell getting the mix jus right. Well I guess the drinks were good cuz clearly they were all gone. Ended up havin to concoct another gallon of some new punch that was named Scorpion Remixed...or Scorpion pt 2...or somethin like that lol...There was also beer and other alcohol floatin around...we had a good ol time lol.

My boy got me a cake and I was fightin to keep the smile off my face. In the past hardly anybody did anything for me on my bday..maybe a drink or a cupcake or somethin...so havin a cake touched me...even though my boy decided to touch me wit the cake when I wasn't lookin...had frostin all n my face and n my nose lol...Thanx Jughead.

Did I mention I was feelin myself last night...I thought I looked quite sexy...which is new for me lol. Had on a new outfit, was smellin all good and stuffis, and I was feelin quite right. However, my frisky-o-meter has been reaching critical and them drinks weren't helping any...but nonetheless I was feelin good about myself especially wit folks sayin I looked smaller and tryin to force me to eat more...clearly a good self esteem boost lol.

It was good to have everyone out helpin me celebrate my bday a lil early. Some faces were new, some were old, some I had known for a short time, and some I don't even know/remember lol. Im tellin u get rite will get u rite lol. As soon as I get the pics from my camera (which is being held hostage lol) ill post some. Went out to eat last night..well I was kidnapped and hoodwinked into goin somehwere...clearly wit a hangover...but i still had a good time...thanx guys.

Im at work now...feelin some type of way right bout now...but thats a topic for another post lol....The bday is on tuesday and im thinkin bout havin a few people over sometime this week for some drinks and to chill...but who knows wut the week will bring. Yall know imma have another paper to do...oh yeah jus finished another class yesterday and the new one starts today...damn can I get a break...don't u see me tryin to enjoy my bday week and not have a liver...don't interrupt...rude

I've said n a past post im tryin to be upfront and honest and sayin wut I mean..and meanin wut I say...soooo before I end this post jus wanted to once again say thanx to my friends...cherish those who have been there for u....ur all special to me and I hope yall know it. I've told some of u b4 how I felt about u and how I value our connections/bonds...jus wanted to say it again...or for the first time if I haven't told u...so now I end this post...getting another year older and another year better

Friday, October 24, 2008

Let the countdown begin....

Well it’s finally the end of another week…right now im at work counting down the hours till I can race the kids out the building. Once again this has been a week full of surprises in the good ol education field. For starters there was a surprise assembly on Tuesday for the high school students. Key word….surprise. Nobody knew wut the hell was goin on…well none of the kids and teachers anyway..and when questioned about it..the lady in charge of the assembly gave u the look of death…clearly these people don’t realize that im officially crazy and will flip the hell out. But I did jus have to show this other lady in the assembly exactly how crazy I am….i’ve warned her before about talking to me anyway she sees fit. I’ve warned her once….warned her twice….there is no third time…I know she’s gonna think twice bout talking to me now…she jus betta choose her words carefully lol.

Then we had a half day on Wed..well the kids did anyway cuz staff had inservices…how bout nobody knew where the hell we were supposed to go. Then I get told I’m supposed to go to the caf wit everyone else….ummmm yeah the meeting was about vocabulary and reading strategies ::looks around and raises hand:: I think they forgot I’m a Spanish Teacher…wut the hell am I gonna do wit reading strategies….my kids aren’t reading any novels in Spanish. I jus laughed, sat down, and pretended to be interested…thanx to the Bacardi limon and sprite I had before the meeting started…lol…shut up don’t judge me.

The weekend is here and my bday party is Sat night…my actual birthday is Tuesday but we’re celebrating tomorrow. Goin out for drinks on Tuesday night,,..I think…oh well lol. After work I gotta get a hair cut, run to the grocery store, dollar store, liquor store and start my cookin and punch making. Im unveiling a new drink at the party…The Scorpion…its gonna be red…and strong but sweet at the same time…I’ve almost got the recipe perfected but it will be ready by tomorrow….so I can add that to the other punches and creations I’ve come up with. Imma do a lil bit of cookin tonight and gonna finish up the rest tomorrow. I’m not sure who’s actually comin or not but I could care less cuz I know me and the crew are gonna have a good time regardless. Hell…that means more food and liquor for us lol. But if ur in the area feel free to stop by lol.