Monday, September 1, 2008

Guess wut dad???

Happy labor day everyone....I hope everyone enjoyed their last day of summer cuz its officially time for us teachers to get back to work...oh joy lol

Well my father called me yesterday while I was at the beach wit the crew and left me a voicemail sayin my nana was havin a cookout. I haven't seen my nana in a while cuz I don't go to south jersey that often so I thought it would be nice if I surprised her.

So today I get n el carro aka re-re and head on down to good ol trenton to see my nana and my dads side of the fam. Now lemme give yall some background on my father. Our relationship hasn't been all that great cuz he's a druug addicted alcoholic who decided drugs were more important than raisin me and stayin wit my mother.....but im gonna leave the story there for now. Well...recently he's been reachin out to me and tryin to keep in touch but I've been keepin him at a distance.

Anyway today I had a really good time wit my dads side of the family. Had some cheap beer and some good ol nana food and saw some cousins I haven't seen since forever ago. Now here's where it gets a lil dad gets drunk and starts fightin wit my aunt..but it was hilarous for me cuz they fight like brother and sister (maybe cuz they are right??? Lol).
Today I actually saw how much my dad and I are alike. It was a lil creepy at some points cuz I never wanted to be like all...not in the least bit lol...but today I saw I am truly my fathers child...especially n our jokes and the way we drink lol.

After some more drinks my dad and I start to talk and get a lil emotional so I start tellin him how not havin him around has caused some emotional/mental issues in me that surfaced a few years ago...but have since been dealt with for the most part...everyday is a lil better.

Ok so like I said we were drinking and I came out to my dad....lemme say it again.....I CAME OUT TO MY FATHER!!!! it was like...hey dad....guess wut??? lol...the shit was priceless but it wasn't that bad..he took it quite well and said he loves me no matter wut and that he kinda had an idea...but wutever lol. So now both my parents know and I feel closer to my dad...hopefully our relationship will be better and I can finally get over the hurt, anger, and other negative feelings.


Darius T. Williams said...

Ahhh - I would have loved to see that fighting scene play out in person. Good job for coming out to your father!

Promiscuous X said...

Thats whats up JR...Im glad yall 2 had that talk it was much needed. The beach was fun as hell lol. Did you get any more HALO Farm icecream *wink wink*?

LMAO @ Re-Re stop talkn bout ya car like that lol

Acoustic Soul said...

I think everyone's experience with their family is different. Isn't that haliarious!!

I'm glad your dad was pretty accepting. I hope your relationship continues to flourish (if that's what you want).

Welcome back to school! LMAO!

fuzzy said...

I should tell my dad, again! lol I think he forgot! he is gettin old you know! lol

Glad all went well, mmaybe you can invite him to one of our parties! lolol

Jersey Brotha said...

My father passed away when I was 9. I wonder how he would've reacted if I had come out to him. Twin, do everything you can to amend the relationship with your father now, while he's still here. Forgive him for all past hurts and know that everything you went through made you a strong person you are today.

And why do black people always have to act up at cookouts? Is that a requirement or somethin? LOL

Anonymous said...

You should check out this posting I wrote about my father on my blog:

Achilles said...

Hey congrats man. I've also come out to my family and it's been an enlightening experience. Once that I don't regret. It feels good to have those close to you in the know and respect you for it.