Sunday, September 14, 2008


I get lost n ur eyes
Ur touch makes me melt
When u hold me I feel safe and at peace
When I hold u I feel like im protecting a rare of the most important things n my life

Ur kiss makes me shiver and my knees weak
Theres nothin we wouldn't do for one another
The bond we have is strong
The connection is crazy
U can read my thoughts
I never thought I would meet someone who gets me like u do
U pass thru my mind a billion times a day

Sometimes I jus wanna hold u and chill
Sometimes I jus wanna talk
Watchin u sip on a drink while I cook
But wit u im down for wutever
Maybe its cuz theres more to us than meets the eye

I reach out for wrap u n my arms
Jus to hold u as u hold me
To silently show im thankful u've come into my life
Jus to show my appreciation for being there for me
For listening, advising, and keeping me focused
But as I reach for u...I realize ur not there

Im awake now...madd it was jus a dream
Another night dreamin of wut it will be like
When the time is right my dream will become a reality and u will be there
Never to leave
Ill b there for u
I've learned that dreams can come tru
But until the time comes I will see u when I close my eyes....sweet dreams...sleep well


fuzzy said...

Having attained a dream only to have it snatched from you at sunrise is painful. I emerse myself in my dreams and wonder over and over when I will pinch myself and it be a reality. I feel you on this, on so many levels!

Darius T. Williams said...

*mad snaps*

Omar Ramon said...