Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's for the kids....right???

After an awsome weekend of chillin and cookin and dealin wit hurricane jawakabatima tryin to drown my phone, I had to go back to work on monday. Tuesday/wednesday makes it officially one week back at work and talk about bittersweet....sweet cuz the paychecks will be comin once again (thank ya Jesus) and bitter cuz once again im bein forced to work another crazy ass, makes no sense, who n the hell came up wit this bull type of schedule.

Im a Spanish teacher at a middle/high school and have voiced my concerns about being placed or should I say forced to work n the middle school component of the school when I know I would be better n the high school. For the past three years I've had to hold my tongue, or at least try, cuz i didn't have tenure and could be let go and not rehired. Well now I finally have tenure and I've been cuttin the hell loose. When I don't like how somethin is and believe im lettin it be known...some call it rude, others call it real...I really dont give a damn lol.

Im one of the few teachers n my school who actually has genuine concern for my kids. My students know that im there for them for school, home, family and other problems. Some of them have my number and don't hesitate to call when somethin is goin on or jus to say hi. Parents have come to me sayin how their child talks about how much they like my class and me and have thanked me for helpin their child n any way.

Its such a great feeling.....however when ur bosses are a bunch of old bass ackward idiots who don't care bout nuttin but collectin a paycheck, it takes away from the joy. Prime example of stupidity can be found in scheduling....can some please explain to me why im teachin 7 classes...3 high school ad 4 middle school...I see the high school classes everyday but I only see each middle school class one day a week. How the hell do u expect middle school kids, or anybody for that matter, to learn anything about a foreign language when they only have it one day a week for 40 mins????? Ummm did I mention that I don't have my own classroom and my schedule changes everyday??? If anyone can find sense n that please lemme know cuz clearly I don't get it.

Currently im majorin in education administration so im takin a bunch of classes about how schools should be run. Every week im wrtiing a paper about how ideal schools should be or the legal aspects of education or communication in the workplace or some other type of rah rah rah. Can I tell u how depressing it is to know wut my school could be like if my no neck havin dinosaur for a principal wasn't there???

The other day I was meetin wit one of my 7th grade classes for the first time and they were doin their work. Now they were a lil loud but thas cuz they were havin fun doin their assignment. Why did the principal come n the room and told them they were too loud and blasted them bout how they should listen and blah blah blah....I was lookin at the rain while she was talkin....well after her dumb ass speech she she leave she looks at me and...wait for it....the bitch rolled her eyes....come on now ur the damn principal and ur rollin ur eyes....lets be serious...if she woulda jus asked me wut they were doin I coulda easily told here and had them settle down......quite frankly I think its great when u have kids excited bout school work but maybe thas jus me.

Its only been the first week and im countin down the days till june...someone pray for me so I don choke a child, trip the principal, or drive my car thru the building.


Q said...


KennonP said...

I feel you dude. I taught for 4 months out west, before walking away, it was not the kids, it was the admin and other teachers who seem to be upset with me for giving a damn....

Promiscuous X said...

Lol @ drive my car thru the building lol.

Oh LMAO @ Dinosaur neck of a principal lol

Darius T. Williams said...

Don't choke anyone...please.

But I didn't know you were un profesor de Espanol. That's hot! I'm taking college spanish right now - 102. It sucks...mucho! Pero es necesario para estudiar mucho si quiero una nota buena...and trust me - me gusta notas buenas!

fuzzy said...

I say that you stick a pin in the principals chair! lol Do it Do it! you know you want to!

Chile, I am dreading june, cause I con't have my extra paycheck anymore! Well at least next year it will be an extra check! :)

ShawnQt said...

oh no not the eye roll!

You should teach the kids the YES dance in Spanish, that would really get her upset!

"Hagamos la bifurcación en la disposición de basura!"