Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wut u say???

Ok so I've been thinkin about this for a min and had to take the time to get my thoughts in order...ok well in more of an order than they were....this is just part of my question is..why don't people be real wit it??? Say wut u mean and mean wut u say...claim wut the hell u want and go for it.

Im gonna tackle this question a couple of ways...for it so hard to say wut u want? This can apply to a number of situations but lets start from the point of talkin to someone...y is it that people hide their true intentions..if u wanna get ur back blown out say so...if u wanna blow a back out jus say it...sure u might be seen as rude or wutever but there won't be any confusion as to ur intentions and u suure as hell won't be lyin to anyone....say wut the hell u mean!!!!

Don't waste ur or anyone elses time. Don't approach wit false motives. Be real wit it and truthful...I've noticed that that's somethin that many people have trouble with. How can u be honest wit someone else when u can't be honest wit urself..but that's a topic for another post...

Ok so back to this...let ur intentions be known..Don't approach me on the whole get to know me tip if all u wanna know is how deep my stroke is, how my tongue ring feels, or how the KAKES taste....Don't hide ur true intentions...lemme know me it'll save a lot of time and im not sayin ur gonna get any of the aforementioned things from me...but jus be upfront wit it.

On another note...Im soo sick of people sayin wut they want in a relationship but yet do the complete opposite. If u say u wanna be in a committed relationship y the hell r u talkin to every tom's hairy dick...or is it tom dick and harry lol...and messin wit like 20 dudes at the same time??? And then u get mad at me cuz I don't wanna hear ur same ass story time and time again...u've asked for my advice and I gave u my thoughts...say wut u mean and mean wut u say...u want it...state it...claim it and go for it....but instead u decide to continue on a path that will not bring u to ur desired destination...But u wanna be mad at me for stating my thoughts....ummm ok...don't wanna know then don't ask me....K.R.A.D.

I've learned that honesty is truly the best policy. Dealing wit friends, family, and life in general is less stressful when u say wut u mean. Now im not sayin cuss someone out whenever u feel like it cuz not all situations allow for that....but u can choose ur words and get the same effect as a good ol fashioned cussin.

Soooo to wrap this up...say wut u mean and mean wut u workin on it myself...been doin it way more often in.


Darius T. Williams said...

Hey JR, you're preaching bruh!

I think though, it's really about experienced duded who are mature. I think when you only fuck w/a certain class of dudes, then the bullshit - or the majority of it, seems to definitely dissipate. I think when you mess w/hood dudes, then you experience hood issues. I've learned my lesson the hard way.

As to why folks won't just be open and honest about their intentions...hell, it's beyond me. Maybe some people feel like saying they wanna get fucked and thas it seems too harsh and wrong. Maybe? I dunno. I'm with you though. I've got way too much going on to be playing morse code w/your damn intentions.

Good luck sir!

Mr. Jones said...

You know what's funny....people claim to be ready for total candor and brutal honesty, but I find not a lot are. I'm one of those "I'm gonna say it however I feel like saying it" people and I find that some folks don't like that.

I def. understand where you're coming from though.

fuzzy said...

you forgot to mention the people that say exactly what they want and you ignore the realness that they give you!

Example, man #1: I'm just lookin for sex!

Man#2: Cool, I'm lookin for a relationship too!

I mean really, when people are being as honest as they can, i think some people deny themselves the truth!

jerzey_reality said...

Good point fuzzy...some people refyse to hear the truth even when its righ in front of their faces.

AcousticSoul said...

Here's my two cents:
I like to deal in reality. I like realness. I approach every situation with that first and foremost.

With that said, there are times when I come right out and say what I mean and mean what I say. When that happens, I'm told that I'm an asshole, insensitive or heartless.

Then there are others who take it for what it's worth and deal with it or not. The choice is theirs.

As much as we all would like to think we are realist, that isn't actually the case. A lot of us still wear our hearts on our sleeves or walk around with open wounds.

The only thing I can suggest is to know your audience

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

I'm blunt with everyone all the time. Some like it and some don't. Iono.


Promiscuous X said...

No Comment.

Good Post (Shying away slowly)

WhozHe said...

Sometimes its hard to asy what you mean. There is a risk involve, but usually the risk is worth it.

KB said...

you said it all young bruh-luv it! wish i could send this out in a mass email/text message to folks!