Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can't You Take A Hint

So my brother calls me the other day and tells me that he's gonna stay with me for about 4 days...now notice how I said he told me..not asked...so im thinkin wut the...so to spare his feeling I tell him I have errands to run and I gotta look for a job (thas a issue for a later post lol). Now a normal person woulda caught the hint but nooooo....I get stuck wit the person that has a counter for everythin I throw at him. He was sayin that he would go wit me here and go there and rah rah rah...umm last time I checked didn't like being held hostage.

Now don't get me wrong my bro and I have been there for each other thru thick and thin (even though I really wasn't feelin him cuz he was talkin shit but thas another story) but that doesn't mean that I wanted to be held captive. He was supposed to be on a trip for his job but he quit but didn't wanna stay home. Now u may be thinkin....wut does that have to do with me..right??? I was thinkin the same thing but me tryin to be nice I let him come over. Oh yeah did I mention the fact he invited himself and was walkin over to my house before I could say anything???

Needless to say he was with me for the majority of the week/weekend and in order for me to get him to go home I had to be semi-rude after a day at the beach and jus tell his ass to get in the car. I felt bad about it but can I have jus a lil alone time...I mean damn...give us us free...and I know people were tired of my captivity texts...thanx for hangin in there wit me


fuzzy said...

ummm Yeah! I am glad that you finally broke free! there comes a time when you are being intrusive instead of being a person in need! He will be fine, and if not you both have phones that work (for the most part) and a starbucks to meet at to talk about it! lol

blkbutterfly said...

lol @ "give us us free." i can relate to family just inviting themselves into your lives. i'm sure your brother will understand you needed space.

UntamedSoul said...

aww dats your bro! you should have enjoyed tha company when the last time you guys chilled? me and my bro never got along UNTIlL he got incarcerated and i grow to love him throu that. sounds crazy right?
ok goin to bed now.
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