Saturday, July 5, 2008


So I was talking on the phone with Fuzzy and we both decided to go to quickcheck. He wanted some coke and I wanted a sandwich. This was supposed to be a quick trip but because I wanted honey turkey my quickcheck trip turned into scavenger hunt.

Can someone please tell me why every quickcheck in union was out of honey turkey? And the sad thing about it is that im not exaggerating lol. I managed to find one that had the turkey (after about 20 mins) but they didn't have the bread I liked. Obviously I was bored and craving that damn sandwich.

Soooo after about a half hour of searchin, driving thru different towns, and cussin out every quickcheck employee I came across, I gave up my sandwich dream and settled for something else. Makes no sense that Fuzzy got his stuff and made it back home before I cussed out the second employee.

This is clearly some bull and I will be writing my congressman about this injustice. Anyone have anything they want me to include in my letter???


D-Place said...

LOL...funny. I know the feeling though....thanks for the love.

ShawnQt said...


WhozHe said...

Ok, hold that thought. I'll get back to you on that one. I'm sure I am pissed off about something as equally important (lol).

Chet said...

Man, Honey Turkey is good especially on wheat or bun, but there is no way you should have traveled so far for such a sandwich, then agagin; why not?

QuickTrip or Quickcheck can not be the answer, you have got to stop at your local market or preferably the neighborhood delicatessen these places generally have Honey Turkey.

fuzzy said...

I definitely was walking so slow that Father Time passed me! lol I did get my ICEE and that was something good to my stomach and soul! Oh did I mention that the quikchek I went to had your Honey Roasted Turkey? :-) Mmmmmmmmmm Goooooooood

Can you please include that 1 in 5 QuikChek stores' ICEE machine is out of order. Also include the fact that the stores take turns being out of order! WTF!