Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jus a dose....

I've been asked a few times bout my use of the word reality. It has been said (dont know by who lol) that one's reality is a result of their perception and interpretation of the situations they have experienced throughout their life. These experiences tend to cause individuals to view, think, operate, and interpret daily situations differently. This factor is one of many contributors to our unique individuality.

The things that I have experienced and dealt with have caused me to think/operate in ways that may be viewed as slightly different than others. However, does that make my reality wrong or is it right? Is my way of thinking the complete opposite of the norm? Am I wrong for seeking happiness if in the process other people get pissed off? Ummm, do I really care lol???

Should I let the opinions of others deter me from what I want to achieve? Most of the time I really don't care cuz people are gonna do wut they do and say wut they want regardless right? How's that expression go...ur not doing right unless people are talkin about u? Ok...ok..I know that's not always the case but dammit it can still apply. If I listened or concerned myself with the negative views and opinons of others I wouldn't be who or where I am now in life. Athough I struggle at times (like most people do) I think I have been successful and have lived a pretty decent life. I've met some interesting people throughout my journey through life and have learned from each of them.

I've recently learned that some people that I've come in contact with do not fit in the reality I exist in or am trying to create. I've had to make some decisions about the people I surround myself with because I've begun to see how people truly operate. Im trying to surround myself with positive people who are about something and im starting to notice that this wasn't the case. Im not sayin that im perfect or anywhere near but I try (at times) to do the best I can.

If someone is trying to better themselves shouldn't they surround themselves with like minded individuals? Is it wrong to erase people from your reality if they're not about the same things you are? Does it make you a jerk for cutting people outta your life instead of just accepting them? I'll leave that up to you cuz after all...reality is wut u make of it...I jus gave u a small dose of mine.


fuzzy said...

I have come to terms with my reality forever changing. I am used to it! My reality includes many people at times and includes few at other times. It doesn't really make you a jerk becauseof the reasoning behind your decision. If you did it for no reason, then you'd be a jerk! Its whatever!

I like your reality thus far.

Fuzzy Out!

ShawnQt said...

I talk about this all the time.

"Everything is all about perpective!"

That's why me and Fuzzy always get into these arguement, err discussions. I see something one way, and he wants to see it another way, so we can never agree who is right or wrong by the person's perpective...

but the key thing, which brings us back to your post is, that in a sense we have to have a perpective that is common to both of us to socially get along.

Finding people that reality meshes well with yours, is cool, especially if it is a positive one. But don't forget that some may be 5 degrees off, and thats ok.

Promiscuous X said...

Wow okay can I say....Shawn I have not seen you comment so passionately like so in a long time. Wow I got a flashback when I first started reading your commnetrs on people pages. Whewww good shit sir.

Mr Dose....I like your blog. your norm is my norm. You are a good person and have a good heart. Fk wat people say.

How's that expression go...ur not doing right unless people are talkin about u? -------I can relate to this in so many ways lol.

I was always told watch your friends and keep your enemys closer. Thats my code of practice. Its alot behind that phrase lol

BTW I fucked that Chicken Stir Fry up for lunch.....THANK YOU KAKES lMOA

Jersey Brotha said...

In life, I've learned that people are either gonna ride with you, or they're gonna get out and walk. Accept both types of people, because they'll help guide you into the person you are.