Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why is it????

Have u ever wondered y is it that ur heart and brain argue at times? Why does ur heart want somethin that ur brain knows isn't good for u or that it might cause u problems? Do u igonor ur heart and listen to ur brain? But doesn't that lead to ur heart yearning for somethin????? But if u listen to ur heart , does that mean ur brain is gonna be naggin u cuz shit jus aint right???

I've been goin thru a lot of stuff lately and my brain and heart have been goin at it and the shit is driving me crazy. And the sad part about it is that it's jus not in one area of my dealin with shit in my professional life, personal life, romantic life (or lack thereof lol), futuristic life, etc...Im goin thru it right now wit my emotions and feelings about a certain situation but I'm hoping and prayin that things will work out for the best.....

Those that know me know that I try to stay a positive and upbeat person. I have been a source of advice more times than I can count and I love being able to provide my insight into certain situations.....but even those like me have our moments of doubt and have our breakdowns. Who do we turn to for advice??? Who is there to be a sounding board for our problems? For thost ath have helped me throught these tough times in my life.....I thank you for ur encouraging words and insight.....without it I would probably gone crazy (ok...more crazy than I am now) circle of friends is small and I like to keep it that way lol...for those who have come into my circle (or me into ur circle) ur stuck wit me now and it's ur fault that now Im on here lol

I know Im a lil sporadic in this blog...but im tryin to keep it together lol...its late so im gonna end this wit some words of encouragement:

**The things u work hardest for are the things you appreciate the most
**Nobody is worth your tears....but the one that is won't make u cry
**When one door closes another one opens (thanx buddy)


fuzzy said...

Am I really the first one to comment? I'm gonna be so upset if this is moderated and there are like 10 people ahead of me! Nonetheless, I am so happy that you finally are here. I pushed and pushed! (whispers in the background, took you long enough!)

When you need advice in your low moments, and it seems like you are the strong one for everyone else, turn to the strong ones! Turn to that friend that has been there for you!

I am not going to sit here and say that I am a strong one; I have my moments too! I am a great listener. I am a good friend. I pride myself on being very confidential. Any who, all that to say, you can talk to me, I am always available. You might have to call me twice. Sometimes I be knocked out! lol just tell me you need to talk and I am there!

fuzzy said...

Yay, no comment moderation! I am the first and now the second! :~) WHAT, I tool 1st and 2nd places, I'm so greedy!

Jersey Brotha said...

Fuzzy you're a mess lol.

I'm so proud of're officially a blogger! You'll see how therapeutic this site is.

Try not to let your problems get the best of you. They'll all work out in due time.

Trackstar said...

hey Bruva they sucked you in too lol but anywho just dont let ya problems consume you its not a cute look when you all stressed out trust me i been there lol

ShawnQt said...

Just to let you know, he deleted the first post and replaced it with this one! I was the first to comment, and i don't remember what i said, and Im not commenting again, so there!

Promiscuous X said...

Im teh 6th to comment. yayayyy

D-Place said...

I know I'm late but wanted to welcome you to the blog world! I hope it becomes a good experience for you as it did myself.

I always tell people to enjoy the moment. I say that because things are always changing. I find that now I have to take my own advice and although it's difficult I know that I'll get through it and so will you. If you haven't already!