Monday, December 8, 2008

Wut in the......

Wassup people...feels like I've been gone for a min and guess its tru cuz I've been told by a few bloggers that its time to post again lol. Well this is gonna be a quick post..damn job got me workin like a fugative slave tryin to buy my own freedom…..Remember a while back I did a post about false advertising??? Well how bout this for a case of false advertising….

Lets talk about tops for min shall y is it that more and more tops r posin/actin like bottoms. Now im not sayin anythin is wrong wit bein a either one but ummmm y would a top have only pics of his ass in his profile or page?? And im not jus talkin bout jus reg talkin bout full out posed, arched back, booty tooted, lips pouted, cakes greased action. Wut the hell is that shit about???

You wanna give this....

But ur really givin this

Dudes claim they're masculine but r wearin makeup...umm maybe its jus me but a dude wearin makeup aint masculine n the least bit...his lipgloss aint cool and def aint ass mess...eyebrows all snatched and threaded and plucked...ummm noooo waayyyy buddy!!!!

Like I not sayin that being either a top or bottom is wrong…but sometimes I think that there’s a negative mental image, or connotation, or negative stereotype about being a bottom. Guess it’s the thought that all bottoms are feminine is the reason that most guys don’t fully claim being bottoms.

In my experiences the word bottom has been used as more of an insult or for comedic relief…example:

Guy 1: Shut up bitch
Guy 2: U damn bottom!!

I know thas prob not the best example to give but yall get the point lol…. I wonder how many guys prefer to be bottoms but will claim that they’re vers…or verse/bottoms instead of just embracing who they actually are…or embracing what they prefer. Hell…at least don’t claim ur a top when all ur pics look like an ad for Apple Bottoms/House of Dereon/Barbie.


fuzzy said...

its funny that i posted my top post today as well... go figure... but i say its all a sham!

Kendal said...

This post is great and I agree with you

Pharaoh said...

LOL yeah its funny and said that they dont just be themselves!
SO are the pics you posting on these websites of you popping lipgloss and apple bottom jeans or of your blinged out grill and your gat? =)

Darius T. Williams said...

Interesting...but um, I will say this - I know quite a few social tops and social bottoms - ha, they'll fool ya in a minute so I'm not putting anything past false advertising any more - lol.

Acoustic Soul said...

Is it really false advertisings? Who says a bottom has to fem and a top has to be masc??

I mean, don't get me wrong, it would be so much easier visually, but there's nothing written in stone about it.

I get told that I'm not very readable. Meaning just by looking at me, they can't tell what my preference is because I'm NOT thugged out nor am I switching and sashaying.

As gay males (or whatever you label yourself), it takes a lot to be you. You should be able to be who you are and comfortable around "our" people.

Cocoa Rican said...

LOL...false advertising...go figure.
I've always felt you should show a little of everything ( a little) and certainly not show all the goods since that is what will be special about the encounter. Then again, I'm old school....give 'em a little taste and let the lucky ones actually see the real deal in all its glory.

D-Place said...

I guess I'm from the old skool too cuz I don't get top or bottoms showing their asses and dicks on the internet at all. Now I'm not saying I ain't lookin cuz too each his own...I just don't get it. In my day..LOL...that sounded old...anyway it was a nice surprise to see what someone was working with. Then let me have a pic for after to remember it all.

Mr. Jones said...


I just got into this line: "You wanna be a (Ecko logo) but you're giving (Apple Bottom logo)".

Bwahahahaha. I just can't.

I feel your pain tho. I have a story that I usually wouldnt share on here, but fuck it.

I met this kid at a bar in DC when I was living there a couple years ago. Cute kid. Slim, dark skinned, Yankees fitted, baggy jeans, etc. Not my typical style, but shit...I figured he'd do for the moment.

Anywho..We somehow found our way back to my crib and when we did I was expecting, based on what I felt poking thru at the club, to be topped.

Well, let me tell you. Ms Honay and ALLLLLLL that meat she brought to the table flipped herself over on that bed, parted them legs like the Red Sea and stayed lubing up that hole.

I was taken aback for a minute, but grabbed my condoms and put my own meat right to work. She turned into a lil lady right before my eyes.

He was a good lay. We saw each other probably 5 or 6 more times after that. He had mad issues tho. I'm not going to be a parent to a 26 year old man.

To this day, he still holds the title of biggest dicked bottom I've ever topped. I wonder if he's proud.

Promiscuous X said...


STOP OMG .......

To this day, he still holds the title of biggest dicked bottom I've ever topped. I wonder if he's proud.

I cant lol

Redsnake said...

Unless you are faking the funk you should always be you. Now if you are a big purse havin, Make up and drag wearing queen who likes to be on top, then you should be able to be that without anyone saying a word.

Besides....You can't tell what somebody wants to do laying down while they are standing up anyway. Nice post.. Get outta my head!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I just discussed this with my daughter..... she says she's a tomboy thats why she like to be outside with all the boys..hmpt, then go in the bathroom and wash that damn makeup off.

Tom boys dont wear make

Q said...

That is funny as shit! "Say it loud, I'm a BOTTOM, and I'm proud...". I couldn't see beating my face with make-up though. Now that's a conjure!

Anonymous said...

Well for me it's hard because of my subdued personality and quiet/shy disposition. I come off as a bottom to most gay dudes, when I'm actually fully versatile. They almost always assume that I would rather be fucked, when I'd probably rather fuck them. LOL.

Anonymous said...

In terms of a relationship thing goes... man/woman of the relationship -- I prefer to be the subordinate (woman) or bottom. This and sexually, I believe are two totally different aspects that a lot of people have a habit of tying into one another.

deonte' k said...

Lmao.... ur too funny with this post, although I disagree with some of your sterotypes of what a bottom, and a top should be, I can sorta feel ur frustration. Lmao..... I don't label myself, but hey.... to each his own. I will just ask..... what the hell u like to do so we can do it lmao... sike, but naw I do find out what he likes before I actually judge them by a photo and so on...... and some of us can do everything! Lmao. ;)