Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Its that time again.....

Its officially that time of the year again…the first official snow fell and kept falling..and stopped….and then fallin some more. I wish yall coulda seen those steroid-injected, overstuffed, muscle bound snowflakes. Got hit n the head wit a few and thought I had a damn concussion lol…and jus when I thought the snow was over it started falling.

Whenever I see snow I get flashbacks from my childhood about the fireplace. I used to always have the fire goin as a child. Sitting by the fireplace was one of those memories that will stick with me. It’s something bout sittin by the fireplace and jus chillin and enjoyin the time. There’s jus something about spending time with that special someone by the fireplace…jus talking, holding each other, coolin out, lookin into each other’s eyes, and enjoyin each other’s company (if only n my mind lol). Hell…a fireplace is a mandatory feature for my home.

The Christmas tree is finally up and it looks pretty good…still gotta put the candy canes on the tree. Theres still some lil things to take care of before I can officially enjoy the break….still gotta finish up the last bit of grad school work, do the mid-term notices for the students, plan the brunch, and of course Christmas shopping. This year im having a bit of technical difficulties in shopping…don’t know wut to get anybody lol..dammit…but ill figure it out. Wut yall got planned for the holidays?


Pharaoh said...

Sup Jerzey!
You are so lucky, you get snow in SoCa even if it cools down it stays sunny and bright. LOL However, today happens to be one of those rare rainy grey days.
I'm suppose to cook Christmas dinner for my parents, my brother and myself, and myself.
I'm going to NYC for New Year's. and that's my holidays.

Anonymous said...

you are one beautiful brother for Christmas I hope you get the brother you desire. Hopefully he is worthy.

Darius T. Williams said...

Me...nothing. I'm going to be working on designing my website - lol...happy holiday!

deonte' k said...

I will be going home to my moms house in Baltimore. Happy Holidays buddy!

mountii said...

we went to a movie and had a big ass dinner...i know i gain at least 10 pounds

all i wanted was cash and clothes...the older i get the less i want but the more i need