Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years....

(Wrote this over the break...posting in now...shut up Fuzzy) Happy new year people...hope everyone enjoyed themselves..I wasn't sure wut I was gonna do to bring n the new year up until the day lol...I had heard about a few parties and club but I wasn't sure...didn't really feel like being bothered wit the club scene so the house parties sounded like the best bet.

Well prior to me makin up my mind I was cleaning and my brother calls ...now I haven't heard from him n like 2 weeks (cuz he got a new or should I say another boo) so I was skeptical about answering...but I did and he says "wassup..r u busy?" So im thinkin bout sayin I was but instead I entertained him and said I wasn't...then he asks me to do him a favor...so now im thinkin...here we go...he goes on to ask me to take him to the hospital cuz he has an absess...so im like ok thinkin his ass was at home...nah this nigga wanna b at work...so I had to pick him up from work, take him home to get his id, then take him to the hospital. Yall know I was over the bullshit halfway thru this lil adventure. Like he didn't realize his face was swollen like somebody put a grapefruit on his jawbone before he went to work...so being the nice guy I am I leave my house and pick his ass up.

So after I drop his ass off at the hospital...I call shawn to see wut he had planned for new years and we decided to go to one of the parties we heard about...well it was a black affair so I had to make a phone call to get all the details...cuz if u thought I was getting all dipped up to go to a house party u thought wrong lol...turns out u could wear wutever...so I threw on some jeans and a black button up and a fitted and we hit the party.

Overall the party was pretty good...the invitation said there would be imported delicases...yeah since when were bbq chicken wings and rice considered imported lol...but the open bar was nice...everyone brought a bottle so there was plenty of liquor...even though they ran out of vodka and rum...grrrr

Did I mention there was a stripper....who was like 4 ft 1 and was rhythmcaly challenged...dude couldn't find the beat if u gave his ass a map, a gps, and a damn compass...but he was funny and real personable.

Overall it was a pretty good time...some people were dipped up..others looked like they didn't give a damn lol...but it was....ummm cute..yeah thas the right word lol. After we left the party we hit up IHOP and lawd yall shoulda seen the mess in there...why is it that people wit no front teeth always wanna smile and say all the words that require ur upper teeth to show???
Someone please explain that to me cuz I clearly don't get it lol...well my liquor caught up wit me n the restaurant and I kinda fell asleep at the table...oh well lol.

Got home around 6 somethin n the morn and passed out on the couch. When the clock struck midnight I sent out a few messages and phone calls to let those special to me know they were... yall know who u r...wouldve rather brung n the new year wit that special someone but oh well lol...overall I had a good time and Im hopin 09 is a better year for everyone...I might be postin a lil bit bout my new years thoughts…I hope yall enjoyed ur new years.


C. Baptiste-Williams said...

ok maybe its a new jersey thing but what the hell is "dipped up"

Anonymous said...

hey i didnt get a call after midnight.....lol. Anyways, I know you were looking sweet in those jeans and black button up.

Now for you brother....whew, yea your sweet. hahaha, better for you than me.

deonte' k said...

My new years eve was good. I was in church praising the lord lol. Sounds like u had a blast lol. U are too funny. Especially about that stripper lol.

fuzzy said...

im gonna need you to not be silencing me before i say stuff... lol

but my new year was filled with bad service from menlo park diner... it was soooo funny!

Jersey Brotha said...

Let me guess...you went to the Ihop on Bergen right? There are always a vast cast of characters that come in and out of that place lol.