Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jury Duty..not that bad...still not good

Wassup people…thanx for all the jury duty support lol….jury duty is…ummmm….hmmmm….a pain in the ass…u know its bad when id rather be at working teachin the baybay kids lol. I gotta go back in tomorrow for the fourth session…after tomorrow only 11 more to go…oh joy. But honestly it’s not as bad as I thought it would be…now that doesn’t mean it’s good..jus not as bad as I thought. There are some pretty interesting people there but they’re all boring and have no sense of humor. Yall know im a fool and I like to laugh and joke…but these people are dull as hell. I try to get a laugh outta them and they look at me like I got 3 arms and two heads..don’t these people see me tryin to make this shit interesting so I’ll stay awake…don’t interrupt…rude (thanx Bonquiqui lol)

Anyway I sit in the back of the “Grand Jury Room” (doesn’t that sound so important lol) so I can see everybody. Its funny watchin people act like they’re payin attention when they’re really asleep wit their eyes open. They need to be like me and post up and take it down. When shit gets boring my ADD kicks in and I’m all over the place lol. Im textin, drawin, throwin stuff at people to make them think they’re goin crazy lol.

I wish yall could see how I act in there. Ugggggghhhhhh….all I know is that this damn injustice system betta not call on my black ass to do no more damn jury duty….I gotta work on my excuses to get me outta this crap.

They told us when we first started that we are scheduled to be there from 9-4 but if we finish early or there’s only a few cases we can leave early. Last Friday we were lucky to get out at like 12:30 so when we went back on Wed. I jus knew my ass was getting out early again…yeah they had something for my ass…we didn’t get outta there until like 4:40..which meant I got stuck in traffic and didn’t get to the gym till like 6…im soooo over this..all I know is that I hope the gods of jury duty smile on us tomorrow and I get outta there before 3…I got things to do lol.


fuzzy said...

all for nothing, i cracked up when you said you was throwing stuff at ppl! i woulda prolly tried something similar to keep me awake or the same thing! whats also funny is if you fart! lol nobody knows its you if you can keep it silent! and watch the heads turn hunny!

yay im numba 1 again!!!

Ms. Angie said...

Keep hanging in there and acting a fool LMBO. You are mess for throwing stuff at people.


Anonymous said..., I saw this before and it was to to funny....

Keisha Kornbread said...

I have never been on a jury. I get the postcards in the mail occasionally but I never go. Imagine that.