Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jury Duty....Wut In The???

So the right before thanksgiving I get my first jury duty summons in the mail…I’ve never done it before but I’ve heard the horror stories about it so I wasn’t even tryin to do it…so I look on the piece of devil mail for the excuse section and they have the nerve to list the excuses that you can use. So I copy down the excuse that worked for me…it said something like “I am a teacher in a K-12 public educational institution.” So I’m thinking….they can’t have me come to court when it’s durin the regular school year right??? They know that the kids needs theys edujamacation right. So I had smile on my face as I put the devil mail back in the mailbox.

The summons said that if you don’t hear from them then ur excuse was accepted so yall know I wasn’t looking for a letter or a phone call from them. Cuz I jus knew that since sent my letter back so they would leave me alone. Yeaaahhh no…yall know these jerks sent me a letter in all caps…like Satan himself was speakin YOUR REQUEST HAS BEEN DENIED YOU WILL REPORT ON JAN 14TH AT 8:45….so yall know I was pissed about that….wut in the damn injustice system….not only did they deny my request but then had the nerve to tell me when to show up.

So I had to put a master plan into effect of how to get outta it….well I knew that every excuse I thought of wouldn’t work…so I show up yesterday morning and there were like 75 people there..I heard they only needed 23 jurors so I jus knew I was gonna get picked…yeaaaahhhh no..yall know I was the fourth person called to be a juror…I damn near cried when they called my name….uggghhhh

So for those of u who have had jury duty before know the part when the judge asks u a bunch of questions to see if you can actually serve….well I raised my hand a couple of times and the judge said he wanted to see me for a sidebar convo….so after talking to him and tryin to figure out how I can get this man to let me off the hook…I ended up telling him that I hated the cops lol..I wish yall coulda seen his face….how the hell did I tell Your Honor that I hated cops while I was surrounded by the police…lol…I jus knew that would get me outta jury duty….yeaaaaahhh noooooo..they told me to sit my black ass back wit the rest of the jurors.

So after being picked to serve as a grand juror (oh joy) they put us thru orientation and I swear the many wouldn’t shut the hell up…how the hell can I fall asleep and wake up and his ass was still talking…ummmm helloooooo….SHUT THE HELL UP MAN!!!!!!!!!! They told us that we would have to serve jury duty every wed and fri from 9-4 until march 6th….wut the hell kinda devil work is this…don’t they understand that I’m a teacher and if im not in school the kids don’t learn..if the kids don’t learn they can’t pass the tests..if they fail the district looks at me….can we say bullshit….im telling u it’s the injustice system….I have a feeling that Imma have some stories for yall from this bullshit…pray for dismissed lol


Acoustic Soul said...

Yea. . . . .I've had jury duty like 4 times. How does that happen? Good question.

Good luck my friend! Let know how it goes. You do know you can't talk about the case until it's over tho, right?

thegayte-keeper said...

they just want you to make sure that the wheels of justice are working properly

D-Place said...

It's a horrible thing...but look at my post on jury might end up liking it.

Pharaoh said...

The judge looked at u crazy because he knew you hating cops was realize you were in a courtroom not a police station right? LOL
Does the school district pay your regular salary while you are on jury duty. If not then you might can try financial hardship as a way to get out of it...considering the amount of time they want you to serve. However if the district does SOL!

Darius T. Williams said...

Good luck...I've never had to serve and I'm praying that I don't have to.

Hopefully my prayer works unlike yours!

houstonmacbro said...

I have been on two juries -once as a foreman. Both times were great learning experiences.

Anonymous said...

I love Jury duty......what?!?!?

Its a day off work!!

Ms. Angie said...

I could never fathom the chance of me having to deal with jury duty LOL. I can't get over you stating that you did not like cops LMBO that gave me my laugh for the day.

Read you later.

ShawnQt said...

Awww you have jury duty tommorrow!!!! LOL

Im not making fun of u, I don't mess with Karma! Im not going to even try and turn this into a positive situation, cause u going to say it sucks anyway!

Mr. Jones said...

Jury duty is the absolute worst, but it's a necessary evil. We all gotta do our part, even if doing our part means sitting and waiting and being released at 4pm.

Jersey Brotha said...

I've only been called for jury duty once in my life, and that was when I was still in college (and they excused me). I know one day I'll be called again. So suck it up dammit! LOL

houstonmacbro said...

OMG - I didn't find jury duty nearly as bad as you guys are claiming. I actually learned more about how the judicial process worked.

My first case (in Baltimore) was as a foreman on criminal case against a young man. The DA had a case, the defense had a case, but in the end we acquitted because of lack of 'evidence' ... it was weird because we THOUGHT the young man had something to do with it, but the DA couldn't prove it.

On my second case--criminal-I was on a jury that heard a case against an employer and an ex-employee. Now I thought I would side with the employee, but in listening to the EVIDENCE it was clear the case was stacked against him.

I doubt I would have had the opinions that formed for me after the cases, had I not served on a jury. I have also learned that evidence can be manipulated by either side but it is up to listening to the facts that a jury is able to reach a just verdict.

I say, go ... enjoy the process and know that you are doing your part to preserve our fragile legal system.

Someone's life (literally) might hang in the balance.

fuzzy said...

haaaahaaaa I dipped out on mine! :-P I was not even tryin to hear uncle sam tell me to sit on a bench and be bored! lol

Q said...

Well boo, it's all behind you now. Hopefully we don't have to serve jury duty now that our President is

deonte' k said...

LMAO.... poor man... I hope u get through this lol.