Friday, October 17, 2008

Gettin better....kinda

Wassup blogworld....well its finally the end of another week...thank ya Jesus...I've been a lil outta commission cuz I caught a cold and it had me feelin like pure untampered crap.  Oh the joys of teachin a bunch of sniffin and sneezin ankle bitters.  I couldn't even go to the gym for 2 days...but I dragged my but in on wed. & yesterday.  Wasn't back to 100% but I didn't wanna miss the gym...damn dedication. Walked into the building today and checked the mailbox and guess wut...a memo sayin they having a surprise assembly for the kids. How in the hell r u gonna jus have surprise assemblies and not tell the teachers so we can plan our lessons. Now wouldn't that make sense???

Its scorpio season and I can feel it n the air.  I've been feelin "frisky" lately...ok more so than usual lol...but its cuz this is my zodiac season.  The tru scorpio is much harder to keep back during these 2 months lol.  Sensual, freaky, sexy, intuitive, raw, passionate....Imma try and keep him at bay but im not makin any promises lol.  U know wut they say bout us scorpios lol. 

Recently I've been seeing some changes n my body and im happy bout them.  My students, coworkers, and friends have mentioned that I've changed.  I really hadn't noticed that much until I started lookin (or was forced to look) at older pictures.  Now don't get me wrong...I was still hittin the gym and watchin wut I eat (during the week anyway lol) but I really wasn't payin that much attention to it.  I guess the first sign was my clothes fittin looser...then I had to buy new underware cuz mine were falling off...then I had to buy new a belt and smaller clothes...I started feelin good...healthier...and better about myself. 

But the extreme kick n the ass for me was yesterday.  I went to the gym still coughing and sneezing but had a great workout.  I decided to get on the scale which is somethin I don't do often.  I started playin wit the damn thing....slidin this part hre and the other part there...really who had to make these things so damn difficult..who knew u needed a degree to weigh urself...well after I think I figure it out I don't believe the number...I go and stalk a personal trainer so I can use their digital scale..well after that damn scale finished blinkin and flashin and all the other rah rah it showed the number...I was shocked I had lost weight from he last time I weighed myself.  So with a smile on my face I thought bout how much weight I've lost total....yeah I did tell yall im a Spanish teacher not a math teacher so I had to break out the phone and use the far I've lost 50 pounds people...Thank ya Jeses......50 fuckin pounds...I don't think yall know how souped and motivated I am now. 

I feel like I've accomplished a goal I set....well actually I passed that goal and now I've set a new one.  I wanna lose another 20lbs but even if I don't im still happy...but trust me imma get these other 20 off.  Maybe ill post some pictures after I take some new ones...give yall some before and after shots so u can see.   

The weekend is here and of course I gotta write another paper but im gonna bang it out...gotta keep that GPA high.  Really don't have anythin planned other than payin bills and getting some birthday clothes.  I still have bout 2 weeks till the day but id rather get it outta the way.  Its funny how getting another year older can change the way u think about things, situations, and people...but thas a topic for another post lol.  Wut yall have planned for this supposedly chilly weekend??? Bout time fall finally showed the hell up...80 degrees in october..clearly its the end of days.


Promiscuous X said...

Congrats and keep on doing what you rdoing playboi. All the hard work is payiong off. HOPEFULLY next yeah at the nude beach you will feel better about bareing it all. LIKE ME LMAO...

Keep it up Big L ;-)

Acoustic Soul said...

Congratulations Jurzee! I know what it's like to lose weight and to see the results. The funny thing is I too knew when I lost weight because I had to go and buy new drawlz too! F-u-c-k-i-n' HILARIOUS!

I hope you feel better soon. Don't over do it cuz then you won't get better any time soon.

Ya'll Scorpio's are a trip, and I'll just leave that right there. LMAO!

Acoustic Soul said...
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Mr. Jones said...

Ugh! @ effing kids and their germs. That's why I don't fuck with rugrats.

Congrats on what you've accomplished, man. Weight loss feels good, doesn't it?

fuzzy said...

Ummm congrats on the weight loss. It's quite possible that just because you are on your downward spiral, your metabolism is changing? They say it changes every hi yah years anyway. Aren't you due for a change? lolol

I wanna do something for you for your birthday, but I need to know what your availability is...

Jersey Brotha said...

50 pounds??? Wow...I bet you're feelin like a sexy beast now lol. Congrats to you. And keep up the gym regimen.

Darius T. Williams said...

Wow 50 pounds...that's hot!

*stares into space and wonders if I'll be fat for the rest of my life*


ShawnQt said...

Hulk Smash 20lbs!

Can you give me those in muscle please, thanks!

Anonymous said...

1. I have no idea what they say about Scorpios... never been into the Zodiac thing like that. lol.

2. You're a teacher??? My career goal is to become a school psychologist. My first degree will most likely in education, it depends upon whatever my advisor tells me when I see him/her tomorrow or whenever. I thought about being a teacher though... reading this was enlightening.

3. My problem is putting on weight. :P Whatever I eat goes in and comes out. I stay skinny. Losing 50 pounds!? Man... for me I'd be scared. But congrats! From your picture tho, you don't seem to have a weight problem. You look very physically attractive actually.

Nice post! ^_^

- xivinrah.