Friday, October 3, 2008

Aint life grand???

Well...another week down...hey people...feels like I haven't posted n a while but anyway...jus been tryin to handle things that are thrown at me on a daily basis...and im still tryin to make sense outta some stuff. Maybe ill let yall know in more detail later....then again maybe not lol.

Work is work...same ol shit wit a dif twist. Constantly dealing wit pettiness from adults, attitudes from kids, and jus the usual daily drawn out school day. Hell, im still goin to the wrong classes on some days. The other day some lil ass kid was like "nice fitted that shit." I had to remember I was a teacher (as I picked his ass up by his bookbag straps) cuz I was gonna teach his ass a new kinda lesson...not to fuck wit a stressed out man who can benchpress u wit one hand.

Then after livin the life of a teacher I still gotta live the life of a student...grad school will be over n may and I can't wait. Im so sick of researching and writing papers, answerin discussion questions, and havin to plot my weekends around whatever assignment I have to do. Sometimes I regret goin back to school but I knew it was a move I had to make. Unlike other jobs, the only way u can get a raise in education is to get another u gotta take out loans to go back to school to get a raise jus to have to pay back the government...ummm does anyone see the sense n that???

Then after that im still goin to the gym and tryin to keep healthy and in shape. Although im not where I wanna be yet, im better than I was. Body fat percentage is way down from wut it used to be, put on muscle (didnt really want to though lol), and lost 35 pounds. Sometimes its a pain n the ass forcing myself to go to the gym, other times I don't wanna go cuz of other things I have to do or i jus don't have the energy to go. But I try to go 4 times a week. Why couldn't I have my fathers metabolism...he can eat wutever he wants and not gain a ounce...if I smell a cheeseburger I can feel a pound jump on me outta thin air...or should I say fat air lol.

Sometimes it feels things r going im on top...on cloud 9, 7, or 3 wutever number that good cloud is lol.....but then its like a brick wall pops up and I get knocked upside the head and slammed back to earth. Jus like life huh??? U got ur ups and ur downs..aint it a blast :-/ Had a semi good day at work today but when I get to my car at the end of the day I see....a damn parking ticket...wut the hell?!?!? They're doin constrution on the main street so where the hell r we supposed to I wasn't parked all that illegal...I was jus under 50 ft from a stop sign...but really if there were parking available clearly I woulda been able to park somewhere else...ugghhh

Then earlier this week we get a memo sayin that if we miss more than 6.4 das from work our attendance will be unsatisfactory for the that raises 2 questions...umm how the hell do u have .4 days? And how can u give me sick days but tell me I can't use them? Lets say that I wanna take 1 day off a month jus for a mental I don't choke slam somebody's child...that woul be a total of 10 days for the school according to that memo I would have unsatisfactory attendance...maybe I should jus spaz out one day hmmm..I have like 50 somethin sick days so trust me imma be usin some of them lol

Well the weekend is finally here and I really don't have any usual....other than getting a hair cut and laundry I jus go wit the flow (after I finish this paper grrr) Who wants to help me write it lol...wut yall got planned for this chilly weekend? Anyone got any ideas?


fuzzy said...

I do wanna go somewhere. Please include me, I don't have to work this weekend! :) A weekend off in retail is a rarity! So I'm doin something!

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, yea - that .4 days doesn't add up. Doesn't make sense tho...really.

deonte' k said...

LOL, ur soo funny.. i'm moving this weekend and hanging with my babe... Hope u enjoy urs. ;)

Acoustic Soul said...

U had a lot to say. Please don't choke slam someone's child. I know you got 50 some odd sick days, but I'd hate for you to be suspended.

My mother is a teacher, so I know of some of the stresses you've mentioned.

Nice fitted teach, run that shit!

blkbutterfly said...

from one teacher to another let me just say: hang in there!

as for the sick days, what happens if you're attendance is unsatisfactory? if nothing really happens, i'd take those much needed mental health days!