Friday, August 8, 2008

Jus Some Random Thoughts

So here I am at 12:40 am and have a bunch of random crap flowin thru my mind...warning these thoughts were written as they passed thru my head so there's no pattern or system or any of that other rah rah rah...

Why do I have to take out the trash so damn much??? I live alone (for the most part)

Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway?

Wut should I put in my new drink that im creating?

Wut other types of recipes can I come up with?

Why the hell can't I blog from my computer?

Why do people go to the gym smellin like hot bunrt wolf knuckels that were rolled in moldy cheese and left n the sun on a hot august day? (and im soooo not exaggerating)

Why if u move things by car it's called shipment but if u move things by ship it's called cargo?

Why do I smile to myself when I think about....? Oh u thought I was gonna put the name?? Oh well lol

Wut will the weekend will bring?

Who n the hell told me to go back to school? Its all a scam anyway...right???

Why is it that u can be with people and still feel lonely?

Why don't people realize how good they have it?

Why am I always bustin my ass reading or writing somethin...but dammit I gets it done

Why do I cook and not eat?

Why is it sooo hard to get a summer job? (Oh the joy of being a teacher)

Why don't I know wut I wanna be when I grow up?

Wut's n store for me in the future in different areas (relationship, career, car, house)?

How many ways can u cook chicken?

Didn't I jus get my hair cut?

Why is shit sooooo damn expensive?

Why is Wal-Mart the devil?

Why does it cost more to eat/live healthier?

Why are u so sore sometimes after workin out that u never wanna do it again?

Why is it 1:15 am and Im still thinkin crazy random thoughts?

Wuts on ur mind???


ShawnQt said...

the parkway driveway thing was funny!
Only u would think of that!

You need to get on the ball with your list! You know what list!

You need to get a new computer!

LOL @ wolf knuckles. I so want another one of those smoohies, Im soo getting one saturday! That will be my before lunch snack!

When are we going back to hell, I heard there was a sale! Wow that rhymed! LOL.

My thoughts...
after reading back this comment I wrote...

Spell Check is really not allowing me to spell anymore! Just one click, and the world is right, and Im still dumb! LOL. I think Im starting to mispell easy words just cause I can click it and make it better!

I spelled misspell wrong, LOL!

Darius T. Williams said...

Great random thoughts - too funny.

Walmart is the devil in a blue dress! and I know A MILLIONS ways to cook a chicken - I ain't all.

AcousticSoul said...

I know how theraputic it is to get some of these random thoughts out of your head and onto "paper". I do it myself.

Hmmm . . . Why can't your blog from your computer?? At 12:40 in the morning what were you blogging from?

LMAO @ Why if u move things by car it's called shipment but if u move things by ship it's called cargo? That's a good one

As a child of a teacher, it's probably hard to find a summer job because you have teens that are looking for seasonal work as well as educators. Summer and Christmas is probably the best yet the worst time to look for employment.

When/if you find out why everything is so expensive will you let me know. Geez, this is getting crazier and crazier!

fuzzy said...

Why is it when you take your car to the repairman, you have to take it back shortly afterwards? And why is it rarely completely fixed?

Why do people give loads of money to ridiculous things such as clubs, alcohol and when it comes to church we only give a dollar?

Why do people make empty promises?

Why is tmobile always at the ASS end of everything concerning mobile technology?

BTW, I can back up almost everything you said in your random rant?

PS random point, why do I always wanna put an "e" at the end of random?

Jersey Brotha said...

You and me have to got to pray hard to release that devil spirit in WalMart. You don't know how bad I wanted to go today (even though I'm down to my last few dollars in the bank), but I held out lol.

Turn me up a lil said...

your random thoughts are making me think too

life said...

I hate when I can't sleep and those random thoughts keep coming.

Mr. Jones said...

I think of some of this shit when I smoke a blunt. LOL.