Friday, April 17, 2009

I Had To Laugh!!!!!

I had to share this wit yall....So earlier today I was in one of my high school classes and I was giving them a break since I've been working them like fugitive slaves tryin to buy their freedom and two of my students came to me and said they had somethin to show me

Student 1: U tell him

Student 2: No u do it

Me: Hellurrrr...wut iz yall b talkin bout

Student 1: Ummm...We were thinkin about who u reminded us of the other day

Me: Oh really the other day...hmmmm....and who is it

Student 2: U can't be madd at us but I think your gonna laugh anyway

Me: (enter church hum)

Student 2: U not gonna be madd

Student 1: Jus show him

Me: Wont yall jus hurry up and sat down so I can finish wut I'm doing

Student 2: Ok (pulls out phone)

Student 1: This is who it is...remember u can't be madd

Me: (holds breath to stop from laughin in their faces) Ok

Why did these fools show me this video on a cell phone.....

I laughed sooooo hard cuz this isn't the first time I've heard this....the other day a parent heard me goin off on a student and she said thas wut these kids need...some discipline and guidance..u jus like mouth hit the floor then and my ass hit the floow this time cuz i lauged myself out the damn chair...gotta luv the kids lol


thegayte-keeper said...

yeah that's have some cool kids...

Anonymous said...

ok well you just proved them with the "hellurrrrrrr"

nice to know that you can still laugh though,cool!

CutieTJ said...

LMAO! I laughed so hard! Thank you!

fuzzy said...

Twin Madea... I have the sarcastic bitches! Thank God that I only have mine for about 5 weeks at a time!