Monday, March 2, 2009

Over the weekend...

Wassup people…hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed some time to jus breathe…cuz lawd knows my week/weekend was anything but relaxin lol…well it all started last week when my sister called and told me that she was havin her bday party on sat at some place in south jersey…like 2 hours from me…and the name of the place was La Vagina or some rah rah like that and that it was gonna be a grown and sexy type thing (meaning new outfit cuz all my dress clothes are too big now ::pats self on back and puts the cookie down::)…anyway I told her I was gonna come (not like she gave me a choice…chick basically threatened me thru the phone) so I knew I had to get my school work outta the way ahead of time

Yeah… work…who told my professor to give us like a bajillion assignments the last week of the class…had to do 2 discussion questions, respond to at least 3, do a group project, write a paper, and do the final journal…also had to “do” 3 classroom observations..know yall know I aint do them observations and sat here and made them up lol…hell the prof wont know..and if they do…oh well..KRAD…so yeah my week was pretty much devoted to school work, reg work, and good ol jury duty..wut n the.. (eyes bulge, veins pop…HULK SMASH!!!!!)

(regains composure) Ok so as I was sayin…I wake up on sat and get my life together to travel to my sis thing…I get off the turnpike at exit 3 and if any of yall know bout the NJ Turnpike exits after 7 are like 100 miles apart ugghhhh …so I get off the exit and wait for my sis to get to the meeting point…well she gets there and tells me that we gotta drive to philly to drop her car off for her husband for when his plane lands…so after an additional half hour of driving we get to philly, drop the car off, and turn around to head back to jersey to find the hotel…but before we do that I had to eat so we went to Olive Garden…mmmm salad and breadsticks ::wipes drool from mouth:: After a nice lunch we go and find the hotel..check in..and I start typin my paper (sidenote..i always write my papers first then type them later..and I was drinkin while I was writing this one so if u though I was gonna even attempt to type it…)

So yeah….paper’s done..showered..dressed and looking fresh…we head to the Vagina place for the party..we get there and she was happy that she got the largest party room (the place aint that big though hmmmm) we had a personal waitress…who really made us wait for I was jus orderin 2 drinks at a time lol…but someone answer me this…how the hell can u have a bar that doesn’t have Bacardi O, Limon, Peach..or half the other shit???? Yall know I had to go have a talk wit the bartender and give them a quick lesson…even taught her how to make a Fire Island (thanx Chicago) jus for me…so we drank, ate, and danced the night away.

Ok so a friend of my sister’s friend apparently had a crush on me and was following me around the whole night…think I may have said bout 10 words to him..u know jus bein polite and stuffisis…but damn homie can I get some room…and y is his ass in like every pic I took (pics will be up later) Ugghhhhh….overall I had a pretty good time other than the fact that I was missin the crew…the first party I missed ::sigh:: oh well we gonna have to have another one so I can be there lol

Wut yall do for the weekend? Share ur stories..make me laugh..cuz I’m sittin here looking at the snow and jus thinking to myself….


Pharaoh said...

Hey Jerzey,

Let's see, what did I do this weekend. I saw my parents and other family members on Friday.

Saturday I worked that morning then I went to a Homecoming event at the college I attended that was sponsored by the Black Student Union Alumni.

Sunday I attended another concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall, that featured Tango music from Argentina.

Anonymous said...

ish...I didnt do nothing this weekend....ooppssssss! sorry, I forgot, how in the hell could I have forgotten that I spent it with a damn music producer...and WAS CHILLING LIKE A MU@&%F&%R

Nobody not really... said...

Sounds like you had... fun? lol

Omar Ramon said...

twin....*hug*...glad u had fun. i miss you. and just say no to ugly people. that thing was a NO-NO

fuzzy said...

Ummm I know I checked ya blog last friday and ummm this was definately not up there! So, lets see... you know what I did all weekend.

Mr. Jones said...

La Vagina? And you ate there? LOL.

Oh, and I hate exits 1-7, too. After (or before if you're heading north) are like 92 billion miles apart.

RocaFella07 said...

LMAO @ La Vagina!!


fuzzy said...

approaching 2 weeks... get it together! I know you have school work but my goodness!